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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I didnt expect to be blogging so late after i been back in l.a. more than a couple of days, but this jet lag really screw up my time of sleeping. Well let me answer what everyone would ask after I come back. Did I have fun? How was China? I had hellava good time in China and I wouldnt change it for anything. Its long term travel like this really change a person values and beliefs. There are so many things I learn that I cannot begin to tell you. But Im gonna break it down into different posts to every provinces I went throughout China. Every city I went, there is a different feel to it. You wont say, oh this is just Shanghai or oh its just Hong Kong. Many think that China is just one country full of Chinese people. But its not just that, every city I went they speak differently, dress differently and eat differently. Its like China is fused with multiple different countries in one.

Enough of that, I like to share to you my travel experience and my point views of China. I had one month to travel through China and not a minute to spare.

#1 waiting at LAX for my 7AM flight

#2 arrive 2 hrs early and no one was there

#3 my only luggage that I will be bringing to China

#4 travel journal

#5 4hr stop to Vancouver

#6 ahh hello kitty maple syrup i wanted to buy it, but i dont have CAD money

#7 vancouver airport is so nice, they have a huge aquarium in the airport.

#8 even though i didnt have CAD money i had my cc, the fast food chain Tim Hortons is really popular in Canada. im lucky enough to pick them out of the 10 food stands there. the minestone soup and honey wheat bagel was sooo good, its the perfect combo.

#9 vancouver airport soo nice

#10 i think these were the winter olympic mascot

#11 on my flight from vancouver to beijing, i met this beautiful japanese girl name Yuka. we sat next to each other and talked all throughout our 16hr flight. we didnt want to part ways after we arrive at Beijing, but i will come and visit her in Japan.

#12 alan flew from taiwan and i flew from lax, we both met up in the hostel before we set out to eat dinner. our first dinner in beijing, we didnt know we walk into an expensive resturaunt. but everything convert from us to yuan was considered cheap to us.

#13 some tofu in a bucket, its actually alot less than you imagine

#14 suckling duck heads

#15 they were very yummy, full of flavors. this was the first

#16 chef in action

#17 we walked into a street called ghost street, and this street never sleeps.

#18 traveling with my friend alan

#19 at night this street is full of hot pot resturaunts, beijing ppl can really eat spicy. especially sichuan spicy, that pepper numbs your tongue.

#20 at the time the football World Cup is on, no its not american football. its what americans call it soccer. usually the game is on at night time, so resturaunts will have chairs and a tv for locals to drink beer and eat small dishes while enjoying the game.

#21 we came around a sex shop, pure innocent haha

#22 our alley hostel called "candy inn" aka 1 Hai inn

#23 the hostel was pretty decent, wireless, bar, eating area

#24 alan was sleeping still, i went out early to get our first beijing breakfast. pork buns with soymilk, so cheap i paid less than $1 for everything.

#25 but turns out they werent so tasty, we had a stomach ache after eatting it.

#26 beijing is really hot, hence my shiny forehead. our clothes were always wet in sweat.

#27 hole in the wall lunch

#28 beijing ppl love to eat noodles

#29 the best tomatoe and egg stir fry noodle.

#30 alan ate so much he couldnt move

#31 tiananmen square



#34 our first ice cream in beijing

#35 my first peking duck encounter

#36 this peking duck is so kawaii!

#37 only in china, dumpster bike

#38 this is how we greet our beiing friends

#39 they replied back

#40 it was great having them show us around tiananmen square

#41 like any girls we took a dozen pictures in the tiananmen square, this one out of 20 more we took

#42 awesome

#43 moments

#44 i admire mao zhedong for being a great leader for china


#46 he refuse to pose with me so i jumped on him

#47 our friends had to go, so they took us to wangfujing shopping district and we part ways

#48 beijing mall food court! food galore!

#49 yummy

#50 we shared one bowl of noodles because its such a huge portion. beijing ppl can really eat, even the smallest girl can finish up a portion like this.

#51 moochi, japan taste better than this

#52 my shopping. bb cream, face creams, wet wipes, tissue paper, sunblock, shaver. tissue paper is needed in beijing because the toliet do not provide you with toliet paper.

our first full day in beijing was lots of fun. we took tons of pictures. next day, beijing world park.


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