X japan concert!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last week we went to the most awesome concert ever! X-Japan concert!!! We discovered X-Japan about 5 years ago and we been wishing they came to LA. They are one of the most legendary rock band in Japan. They even played their music for the emperor of Japan. I am surprised there were so many Japanese people travel from Japan just to go to LA's concert. The concert started at 6pm but we went there at 4pm so we can get closer to the stage since we got general admission tickets. I'm so glad we did that because we met so many interesting people while waiting in line.

#1 Yay X-Japan!

#2 Hide Fans

#3 we waited in line and met her and her mother so sweet

#4 We are X!


#5 old hide style

#6 yoshiki style look

#7 after the concert we went out with some of our friends for karaoke, i thought it was kinda weird going to karaoke after a concert because we just sang our hearts out at X Japan.

#8 the next day we went out shopping with our friends for hot pot ingredients. i think alan thinks of the bizarre things to do, hot pot in the summer season? But then again we did follow his bizarre plans haha. This picture is taken inside the supermarket. We felt like tourist in there because we kept taking pictures.

what's next? LUNA SEA concert in DEC 4! Can't wait!

Empower Yourself!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You are yourself, you take the lead, no one controls your life, but yourself. Do something you always wanted to do! Stop thinking about what others think! No one is judging you.

my 2 cents to you!

Fashion Night Out in Beverly Hills

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last night I went to Beverly Hills for Fashion Night Out. It was almost like a huge block party with food trucks, ferris wheel, and more so champagne and cocktails serve at retail stores. I thought the biggest hype was the Guess store, they hired girls to cheer and pretend there were lots of people in that store but who knows, i didn't go in. I did however go to some of the stores that I would never go into on a regular day, because I felt intimidated and overwhelmed. Thus, that night gave me and everyone else an opportunity to walk in casually to look at everything. I really don't like pushy sales people who just stares at you and expect you to buy something once you walk in the door. But last night was fun.


#2 These were made out of tissue and newspaper

#3 Ferris wheel

#4 This is weird, dont know why elmo, a horse, and dark vader will be together.
#5 Jesus is my homeboy!
#6 Bebe and i were people watching on top of Armani
#7 i just love the red suitcase haha
#9 FNO saw Ashanti
#10 with Teelza
#11 funnies
#12 aww with her brother
#13 we were trying to look cool. haha

good times!

Downtown LA Artwalk: Fun, Food, Music, Art!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun, Food, Music, Art!

I was recently invited to a CS event down in LA and i didn't know what it was. I thought it was like a meet and greet coffee kind of thing but WOW so much fun. There is food, music, art and free stuff passing out. Lots of things to see down there. Great place to meet new people or just enjoy the fine art. My first meet with the CS member was at The Edison. It is a lounge/bar theme with lots of vintage furniture, light fixtures, and great atmosphere. Their famous for their happy hour from 5-7 pm 35 cents Martini.

After a little meet and greet we head down to the Artwalk. Maybe about 3 or4 blocks full of art gallery to see and two parking lots full of food trucks to drool for. I met Bebe and she showed us around to the most unique art galleries, since there were so many to see it would be impossible to see all so she took us to the popular ones. After that we went to the Downtown Artwalk after party. It was a fun event and would love to go back again. I found out the artwalk happens every month! For sure I will come back next month. I had lots of fun meeting new people and just sharing stories with each other.

#1 Janice and Bebe

#2 First CS meet

#3 scrabble?

#4 quite interesting

#5 is this a bird?

#6 my favorite piece

#7 this doll dances around the record player

#8 so mysterious

#10 i love this! reminds me of anime

#11 oh ronald

#12 city girl

#13 i call this lamp "sexy legs"

#14 Grace and I were both newbies in CS

#15 fun night

#16 great people

#17 there was always one guy popping in our pictures

#18 thank you bebe for great night of fun!

Mianshan? What's That?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lets back track to my trip from China. There we are at train station asking the staff to get us tickets to Shanghai. "Sorry no tickets to Shanghai." WHAT! We kinda gasped and said no way. A couple that we were hanging out at the hostel was with us and said "Hey wanna take a detour and come with us to Mianshan?"

Mianshan? What's that? This place is located in Shanxi, China its also know as Jiexiu Mianshan. This place is amazing I have never seen something like this. I think if anyone need time of peace and calm this mountain would be the best place. It has 14 tourist areas and 400 attractions. I think i went through like 5 out of 14 areas. But just enjoying the view high on top of the mountain is spectacular. There are plenty of things to see and enjoy but i'll let you be the judge with all the pictures i took. But if you like to come here someday here's a link for it http://www.ms-travel.com/

We were up at this mountain for 4 days and 3 nights, ill be showing you the first two days.

#1 It is one of the few tourist places people go to for foreigners because it is so rural there.

#2 Only in China

#3 amazing jen and her signature pose

#4 these are called love locks. it says if you get one and lock it there your love will last forever

#5 our first hotel at the bottom

#6 this crazy and dangerous flight of stairs we climbed up

#7 derek is singing to the mountains haha

#8 secret love garden?

#9 i am at peace

#10 amazing view

#11 this is what i see every morning when i wake up there

#12 freaky

#13 think this is made our of gold?

#14 another breathtaking view

#15 since up a mountain meat is scarce, to conserve meat they made this into like beef jerky kinda dish.

#16 mushrooms? cucumbers? i dont know it was yummy!

#17 tofu with these chewy beans

#18 im hungry already

#19 while we eat, they have people trying to sell us paintings at the restaurant

#20 so many coy fishes

#21 oh deer...

#22 climb up this

#23 yes i did it with slippers!

#24 floating stairs

#25 this is like indiana jones

#26 oh no don't fall now

#27 Jennifer and Derek were the awesome people who invited us to this amazing place

#28 we keep climbing up the top with floating stairs up the waterfall

#29 cool

#30 picture taking a picture


#32 yay!

#33 waterfall


#35 i think we got up the top

#36 derek, jen and jen's mother karen

#37 oh no!

#38 we cant wait to ride on the real elephant, this is practice

#39 rawr!

#40 boom!

#41 i love their translations

#42 yay!

#43 we hiked up this massive staircase that leads to nowhere

#44 amazing view though

#45 local tourist just loves to take pictures with us or especially derek, it must be the hair

#46 pictures does not do justice

#47 this place is amazing in person

#48 i really cannot describe to you how this look but its the best looking temple i seen

#49 we always have breaks, right now its breaktime

#50 snack/dinner time

#51 they eat alot of noodles

#52 their corn and peas were hard. not sweet at all

#53 spicy dish

#54 odles of noodles

#55 the girls there are really shy, so when one girl asked alan to take a picture, all the girls came flocking to him to get a quick snap with the cute foreign boy haha

#56 after a long day of walking and hiking we had our feet soaked in a mini bucket. haha hence the irony.

alright good night im done! enjoy!


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