Get the Skinny!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Went to an event called The Perfect Cup by Skinny Cow. For those of you who missed it, there will be another one event next year so keep on the look out! This is actually their second year doing this event. I always loved eating Skinny Cow's Ice cream sandwiches so that's when I knew I had to signed up for the event. This event was to sponsor Skinny Cow's products and also let women be aware of their bra sizes because 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. So it was actually pretty cool to get myself measure and fitted to the right ones. But I think I'm still the same size as before.

Did I tell you this was a free event?

The Skinny Cow car with lashes...

Promoting in every city by popular demand city in U.S. The Skinny

This was my get up for the event. Too lazy to do my hair so just threw on a bow.

hobo hippie get up... haha

Upon arrival I get my invitation letter and a buzzer for my bra fitting... (so high tech) it was also great cause we don't have to wait in line.

Bracelet for two wine drinks and the purple one was for bra fitting. I was also impressed that the purple bracelet has all my ID info name and such. So other people can't cheat and go in for another bra fitting.

About every 15 ~ 30 mins they always announce giveaways... but too bad I didn't win. I was gasping for excitement everytime they called my first name. But no winner... just a peanut butter.HA!

Like said the event serve wine "Moscato" or Lemonade if your under 21.

I wanted more... two glass is just not enough.

more please...

Besides drinking they also serve some finger food...I was surprise how fast the food run out cause the server kept getting more and more almost every 15 mins... You'll be surprise how much women CAN eat. LOL.

The giveaway also includes a free makeover..... but I was just watching while I.....

eat my tasty ICE CREAM... they gave us mini sizes to try.. but this was just too much for me to eat in one serving... so I only tried a little and move on to the next tasty flavors...

I have tried 3 out of the 5 flavors they had... the third one was cookies and cream... I like cookies and cream better!

Before I left I actually made another stop for the ice cream bar because it was UNLIMITED!! I asked for more cookies and cream and this girl just gave me the STARE!!! GAHHHHH! I caught her in camera too!!! LOL. I'm evil for just posting this....Hahah JK!! I just caught her on camera. There was actually two ice cream bar so I rotate and got more ice cream to take home Muahahha!

Lots of Ladies and some husbands/boyfriends enjoying the event and eating ice cream...

They also had an picture booth but the sponsor's camera ran out of battery. Alot of people just use their own cameras...It just so happens that my EP1 camera ran out of battery as well!!!! Lucky I always have a back up camera...Yea. I'm the weirdo that carries two camera's. But this was useful why I carry it!!!

imma  photo junkie... I just had to take one with the Skinny cow. Bahahah! She's skinnier than me!

By the time I was done wandering around the event, my buzzer went off. So I went to the booth for my bra fitting... They have plenty of rooms for bra fitting, took my time.

I was actually talking to the lady who was helping me get my bra fitted about this mirror.
It just makes me look skinnier!!! False advertisement there...  Is this suppose to make women feel good lying to themselves?

Before any girl leaves, we get a swag bag. They gave us an skinny tee, skinny chocolate bar, coupons, yucky chocolate lip gloss along with an cheap plastic make up bag. We will have our free bra coupons mailed to us and will have to go to the nearest Macy's to pick it up. I didn't care much of the swag bag just the event itself was fun so it made my day.

After the event I headed to K-town to drop by The Face Shop to get some beauty products but they didn't even carry the line anymore...!!! So disappointed that I went to eat instead LOL.

 I had Jajangmyun (Korean black bean paste noodle) Yeah way to release my anger...!!! YUM... The aroma of this dish was beating me left and right once I walked into the food court area... Everyone was eating it I SHOULD TOO!

Side note, the Ktown city center market had 2nd anniversary sale on that day and people where buying everything like HOTCAKES... every cart was filled with everything... Kimchi, Korean Paste, loads of watermelons... (Watermelons were cheap!!!) It was $1.99 USD for a giant watermelon maybe about 5 -8 lbs size... There was a raid of people after them too.. I should of filmed it too.. I was over watching them from the second floor. Imagine an Korean lady screams to her kids "Come help me get more watermelons!!!" The scene was epic.

Yup that's my Sunday... How was yours? 

I Dare you, hike up Mt. Baldy

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiking or climbing?

There are many things I love. One of the many is hiking... the spectacular view and the great satisfaction of a great work out. I took the challenge of hiking up Mt. Baldy aka (Mount San Antonio) at 10,000ft elevation because I wanted to test if I had altitude sickness. Well I don't really know. This spark my interest to hiked or climbed up Mt. Baldy because its one of the highest and closest mountain around my area.  I guess that is just an excuse to hike up another route or I'm just crazy. 

There are many ways to go up Mt. Baldy. Taking the Ski lift is probably the easiest and the fastest way up. It cost $20 roundtrip for the Ski lift or you can hike it. Since my friend and I arrived there late we took the ski lift. But I will come early next time and hike this place by myself.

Upon my hike we bumped into a poochi an Husky for exact. She is just so cute! Kinda wish I brought my poochi along...

We started our hike at 2pm!!! So late... but it was still sunny and HOT!

AMAZING they still have SNOW in JULY! The fun part of my hike...

Snow melting off my hands...

I literally wanted to jump and make snow angels, but being that I will still be hiking upwards the weather will be cooler and didn't want to get wet.. so maybe next time. HAHa.

The hike was treacherous and exhausting  up but we finally made it to what they called Devil's Backbone trail...the trail was really narrow and steep.

Finally after 2 and half hours hiking  we MADE IT ON TOP!!! The reason why it took so long was we kept stopping for breaks because of the elevation and picture taking... finest ways to enjoy the view.

360 view of the most amazing scenery ever! Nothing like laying back and relax of your accomplishment.

Victory drinks!!!!

Some funnies...

We were blazing down our hike because we wanted to make it to the ski lifts before they close and it only took us maybe 45-60 minutes to hike down... that is freaking fast considering it took us maybe 2 and a half hours to hike up or am I just imagining...

The next day after the hike, my legs were sore like crazy...!!! I spent the day doing nothing cause of how sore my legs were and thankfully I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything. So make sure you have the next day to rest before you hike this trail.

On top of the world...

Take the challenge to hike up Mt. Baldy. 

Watch Me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recently I been watching alot of movies at home... There are some good ones to remember and ones you wished never watched. So today I like to share some amazing movies I watched and well worth your time.

This is a short film called SIGNS you can watch it on youtube here. Its about 12 mins long but sends a strong message through. I find it very charming how two people can like each other without actually speaking. Please watch!

Another one is probably going to be on the top of my movie list called Flipped. 
Everyone always dreamed of how first love would be like, well why don't you let two 8th graders teach you.

I remember when I was little I use to do stupid things too for boys, but I was too dense to know that I do it because I liked them!!! This movie is just too cute... it brings back memories when I was a kid.


This is a scene where the girl start smelling the boy's hair...

The boy was kinda creeped out..

Aside from American movies, I watch some Japanese TV shows..
I have always been a big fan of Ouran High School Host club the anime version.

But recently Japan has announced that they are airing the live action tv show for Ouran High School Host Club and I just had to watch it. Like all Anime to Live Action. I'm kinda disappointed at how they look compared to the anime version. It's just I know they can do so much better with cosplay but in the live action, they make them look average. As always they didn't really follow the anime series which is expected. But I still like the whole fancy costumes and lovely gestures that the host club provides for the lovely ladies.


Any suggestions for new movies, tv shows, or maybe some new anime?


Random Coordinates & Smudges

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My latest coordinates and random own stash of clothing mix within.

The Look: Bohemian Gypsy?  Maybe a fusion with everything. I'm starting my own trend.
The see through nude lacy top was DIY by me more to come on that.

The Look: Pissed off and Happy at the same time. I love B&W photos it captures a different feeling.

The Look: Really Hot weather and didn't shave my legs. Yes you know it! I spent time doing my hair that day and I think I still need practice. This dress was originally size XXXL I reconstruct to fit.

The Look: It's Hot and I need to wear something airy.
Jean Jumpsuit/ Romper gift by my awesome friend Rowie. LOVE IT!

Another note, my friend said I look like a freaking Barbie... Barbie is too slutty in my opinion.
I'm just the ♥junkie
Fun Fact: Did you know that Barbie was first create for adults not children?

If you see me alot, you will see me wear this dress often. Hehe

My mom would always tell me to never wear long dress because it makes me look short. But I'm just in love with it. Long chocolate maxi dress was another gift by Rowie 

The other day I went to the OC Fair and this pictures just captures how happy♥ I was being there!

Lately I been doing some sewing projects to add to my wardrobe, but I'm kind of shy to post all my work. Yes, I know SHY doesn't fit me. But I want to make something I'm proud to present. Enjoy!


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