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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just last May I started to dye my hair a different color, because i wanted change. I always wanted to dye my hair like the Japanese girls in Japan be i never had the guts to do it, until just last May. Some of my friends either love it or hate it but i dont really care as long as i LIKE it RIGHT? The last color i dye it to was Palty Milk Tea Brown.
I really love this color, its kind of ashy blonde with a little bit of tint. Since i was a natural brown black, I had to bleach my hair just to get to this color and this process was long and a little painful to achieve the look. Here is my results of the bleach plus Palty Milk Tea Brown

Its been over a month and my black roots are growing out, so today i went out and bought a new color with the same brand called Palty Macaroon Beige. I am excited to try out this new color, i just wonder if its gonna make a difference or not.


yuna said...

hi! I LOVE your hair!!!
With what kind of brand and how did you bleach your hair? did the milk tea brown tone out the orangy color after bleaching?

Marie said...

Hi Yuna! Yesh! I had so many people asking about how I colored it... I will be writing a full post about it so keep reading..!!!

yuna_li7 said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

when you bleached your hair before you dyed it, how long did you leave it on for?

Anonymous said...

Hello, how long did you bleach your hair? And how light did you went throught before dye?

Sherlina Shay said...

I LOVE your hair!!! how many bleaching sessions did you go through before using the hair dye? Im planning to bleach my hair too!

Oh,I followed you btw. :3

jeenie said...

Hi what product are you using in bleaching your hair? and for how long did you bleach your hair? before dying it with milktea brown? and whats your recent hair color before you bleach and dyed it with that color? hope to hear from you asap. thanks!

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