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A monkey
Marie Amy
Located in sunny California. I crave for adventure. I desire creativity. I adore Gyaru Fashion. Imma love junkie for everything! My greatest enjoyments in life are food, fashion, travel, sewing, and crazy outdoor activities.

I don't always have a set schedule or things to do. I just go with the flow and see if things work out. I am quite spontaneous, adventurous, and little curious about everything. I come to realize that life doesn't have to be so boring with the same friends, same hangout spot, or same activities. There is so much more to do in life when you search for it. Meeting new people is kind of my knack and trying new food or places is kind of my hobby. I have taken many interesting activity in life and I will slowly reveal them as you read more about my blog.

A monkey
My goals in life is to Travel, backpacking style. I find that you meet the most genuine and honest people in the world while your backpacking. I fancy hotels and extravagant pools but traveling to different Hostel you get to meet and greet with other travelers and hear about their life stories. From then on, you get to go to local places and try many new things. For me the more exotic the better! I hit the travel bug when I first went to Japan in 2009 from then on, I been wanting to plan for my next trip. It's not easy to take the first step in traveling but once you go on one trip you get addicted like crack! Gearing up and packing is very essential, you need to pack things that are comfortable and light. I am no expert at traveling, just experiences I have. 

A monkey
I am a die hard fan of FOOD! Who doesn't? I'll try anything that is raw, cooked, sauteed, biased, and sometimes poisonous if prepared properly. I will give you my honest opinion of how it taste. Aside from eating I also cook on my own and sometimes try new recipes. I am not a Iron Chef but I can make something that is edible. If you really want to be adventurous and try new things let me know, I know many hole in the wall restaurants that is so damn good.

A monkey

I have a passion for Fashion, especially Japanese! I really adore  the fashion styles that Japanese people create. Their creativity are endless.My favorite is the Gyaru style. It is a growing trend in Japan for many years. I have yet to learn how to achieve the look but I will keep trying until I get it right. The desire to look like a different person everyday is quite fun. Experimenting with color and coordinates is challenging but I love it! Someday I would like to create a style of my own and open  up my own brand. I learn how to sew when I was very little, but its an off and on hobby I have yet to successfully achieved. But becoming a master at something is really hard it takes years of practice.Though I am not giving up my dream. 

A monkey
I do some crazy stuff in life. I have a dying desire for adventure. The harder it is to achieve, the more I want to do it. I am like that kid if they tell you not to push the button, I push it! Though it might be hard at first and I am complaining like crazy but in the end I am so glad I did it. I ran my first marathon in March 2011 at the LA Marathon. It was really fun and I had gain many experiences finishing it. It takes a lot of self discipline, motivation and many supporters  to do it . I want to keep myself challenged and motivated. I am cooking up some other activities in life, you just have to keep reading. 

Okay enough about me, what about you guys? I would love to see more people blog about their excursions. 

Come join me through my adventures in life.

♥Marie Amy


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