Pink Nails + Birthday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday I spent some time doing my nails again. Instead I went and surf the net and found this interesting blog about a girl that is doing her nail everyday for 365 days with something new. Even though her nail art are not my kinda style I still think its pretty awesome to start on a project and keeping it up.
Her nails are fun and cute go check her out at

And here is my pink nails... I need to buy more supplies so I can create different designs, but I like what I did.

trying out a new hair style

Alan is also trying out a new hair style

we went to my friends birthday dinner. I took a picture of the birthday boy and wanted wacky pictures but he wouldnt do it. instead i found a new program to add some stickers on hehe. The picture is a perfect fit for the crown and mustache.

the gang, i notice alot of the guys are wearing white!

What women do for Beauty

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Women do some bizarre stuff when it comes to beauty. Bleach, wax, tan, surgery, lipo, anything just to look as beautiful to walk on the red carpet.

I'm only 5 feet tall and heels is a must for me to wear, but this has gone too far look at it!

I think there are many sacrifices if one want to look beautiful, young, and fit. What are yours?

Kawaii Gyaru Fashion

im a huge fan of gyaru fashion for a long time. i think i am a super junkie for them. pretty much my daily routine everyday is skimming through magazine scans of my favorite egg, cutie, or nail mags. My pick for the day gyaru girl just had her nails done! I have long ways to achieve the look.


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