First Review on Bambi Sesame Gray Circle Lens

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm not really a big fan of being lured into advertisements, but ever since my purple and green lens fail on me, I decided to purchase a new pair of circle lenses from shoppingholics since Michi recommends it and dozen or so Gals purchase from there too. I suckered up my pride and admit that I have been bought out by the advertisements that has been lingering through many bloggers. Plus if you purchase from them and give your review on the lens you can get another pair for FREE!!!

I ordered the Bambi Sesame Gray Lens because of my favorite Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka! Ever since this series came out I always wanted to get them. But I didn't want to get them just because I wanted them. So I finally waited until my other two circle lens expires and I got this one. Please refer to the link above for the specs. Here are my pictures and personal review on them.

Nice packaging! Free cute hippo case and Eye Patch Mask. A little THANK YOU card.

My natural eye color is brownish. Without make up.

I really like how the gray color makes my eyes POP even without wearing make up.

On my first day wearing them, it was really uncomfortable because these lens were a bit thicker than my usual lens. But overtime I felt at ease and comfortable. My first time I wore them for 8hrs and it agitated at first but after a couple of hours it felt okay. I still feel I have something in my eyes cause of the thickness of these lens.

My second day wearing them... felt pretty comfortable. I find it at ease to apply the lens on and applying make up over it. No agitation.

My 13 year old pooch MIMI!!

Mimi is such a grouchy old lady, she looks like she's being tortured being in the picture! haha!


Ellie wants to be in the picture too! She always wants IN on everything.

She ate tissue paper HAHA! Yuck!

Overall I love these lens, I would purchase from Shoppingholics anytime. I think my next pair would be this Geo Xtra WT-B61 Forest Violet because I just love purple lens. Hint Hint!!


Cassandra said...

Oh there's apparently a problem with the GEO bambi series lenses. I read it on another blog that geo released a statement about the dip in quality control for the bambi series, due to the overhwleming demand.

CupcakeChisa said...

Oohh you look so cute with this lens! I love Tsubasa and their lens are so great! I will try Bambi lens soon!

Nice blog!

ms janet said...

you look great with the lens and no make up!

maria said...

@Cass Ahh maybe I did get the defective one! Thanks for letting me know.

@Chisa Thank you! I love Tsubasa too, I have many of her make up lines. Its so crazy, anything she advertise its a hit!

@Janet you should try it too! I love circle lens!

SARA MARI said...

Wow, the grey color lenses really suit you so well! These look so cute on you! And your pup is cute too hehe^^

....くりぱん... said...

Cute! i've also been wanting a grey pair and this is a nice review for it! Thanks!

Marie said...

@Sara Thanks! I think your color choices on lens are pretty cool as well!

@りぱん.. I'm glad these lens spark your interest! I didn't know my review would make any difference. Thank you.

Joey said...

I purchased from them, too. Their packaging is the best. So sweet and thoughtful! Love how natural the lenses look on you

Marie said...

@Joey Yes, I really like Shoppingholics, I just recently got a message for my free lens, can't wait to try those as well and give my 2 cents.

Joey said...

I purchased from them, too. Their packaging is the best. So sweet and thoughtful! Love how natural the lenses look on you

Dianmely said...

I have the same circle lenses, mmm i have a question what brand lashes you use?

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