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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today I have attempted to make Sticky rice with Mango again for the fourth time and this time I fail. But now I found out the reason why so I will try again until it is perfected to be judged. I love sticky rice with mango, but I make it so much and have to try it many times that I'm beginning to get sick of it.

Attempt #4!

On another note, a couple days ago I went on a ride downtown LA and discovered this amazing Korean restaurant. It was literally in an alley where no one can even see this restaurant but the locals or Koreans. We were amazed how can this little restaurant survive with no real signs. I guess it's because their soup is AMAZINGLY delicious. Their beef soup is so flavorful and rich and the meat just melts in your mouth. It makes people coming back for more. Their homemade kimchi and mook is one of the best I tasted!

Piping HOT soup in ceramic bowl!

kimchi and mook!

Alan ordered the spicy shredded beef because we saw everyone else table had that too. It was the best soup/meal I ever ate! That bowl was so big it can be eaten with 4 people or 2 very hungry people. Soo good!

He couldn't wait and started eating before I could snap a picture.

Yesterday, we went out to eat at Norm's to celebrate Alan sister's birthday. Everyone ordered the steak special and poor me with salad. Everyone had all their food first except me. But in the end my salad came and it was HUGE.

Chef's Salad must try very tasty with honey mustard!

One happy girl with her strawberry ice cream! happy birthday KELLY

Alright I am all full for tonight, Good night!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over the years I have collected some pictures that really captures what I love and I can't take my eyes off. I guess it gives me inspiration and motivation to do something more with myself. Here are a few I like to share and express my feelings for. Enjoy!

One of my favorite anime NANA

I had this picture for a long time, i really love this kind of art! these two are so sexy!

Fall in love with sunflowers...

Eventually I want to find happiness like this girl did.

Credit goes to all the artists.

Mimi and Ellie

Friday, February 18, 2011

My 14 year old grandma Mimi and the Young and Dangerous Ellie!

Mimi has her cute moments despite her age and Ellie is just a Monster! Ellie eats toilet paper for lunch! Haha no really she does! And when she eats toilet paper, she has to go back to her cage for being bad. She's only 8 months old right now, I am wondering how big she will grow to be.

Hello there!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have to admit I been very lazy updating here and just spending time having fun. I dont know if anyone even read this blog but I'm going to tell you what I have been up to.

Currently I been training to run the LA Marathon. Been running almost everyday since November. I ran before but it was just for regular exercise and to be in shape, but now I made a commitment to finish the marathon no matter what it takes! This will be my first and ever marathon so I am very excited. I also have some very supportive people that gave me some tips and training so that really gave the motivation to finish it.

This year LA Marathon is called Stadium to the Sea because we will start from the Dodger's Stadium and end at Santa Monica Pier at a whopping 26 miles.

Recently I just purchase a new camera a Olympus EP1 with a 17mm pancake lens and viewfinder. I was debating if I should get the 14-42mm lens since I would have the option to zoom in far objects, but since I take many pictures close up that I wouldn't need it. I really wanted the white body ep1 because it looks unique and exotic looking. But since I am in the U.S. I take what I can get. I purchase the silver body and made some modification myself.

Can you tell the difference?

I purchase a leather skin on ebay called Skin Guard. It looks so much better than the boring silver polish in my opinion. I think I becoming to be a total camera junkie because there are so many mods and accessories I can get for my camera...

There are so many awesome features in the camera! But I'll save it for the next post! Because I am still discovering EP1's potential.

On the most lovey dovey valentine's day instead of a guy planning out this whole flowers and fancy dinner for the girl. Well I did the opposite, I planned out a day of fun activities and good food for him.

Here is a teaser of what we did. I'll post more of what we did once I have all the pictures.

White coffee drink

Yesterday I got a new haircut at a new salon, hmm I just seem to be jumping from salon to salon, because I just can't find a really good hairdresser that understand the style that I am after. But since I was in dying need of a trim from the dry and lifeless hair of mine, I yelp at this new salon that was actually 5 mins from my house called Glamour Beauty Shop. Go ahead don't be shy Yelp it!

I called early and made an appointment and was the first customer there. It's actually a good thing since the hairstylist can pay more attention to my haircut than rushing through it. With hair wash, cut, and a blow dry its well worth the $28. I usually don't have that kind of service for that price. But what's most important for me is the cut. I specifically told her what I was picky about and wanted to keep my length of hair. Overall I really enjoy Gaudalupe cutting my hair because she kept asking me if this what I wanted. She is a very nice lady and gave me tips in keeping my hair color. She's not like those asian salon, who keeps pestering you to get more services done. Overall I would go back there for a trim and blow dry, but I am after something else. The search continues..


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