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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recently I been watching alot of movies at home... There are some good ones to remember and ones you wished never watched. So today I like to share some amazing movies I watched and well worth your time.

This is a short film called SIGNS you can watch it on youtube here. Its about 12 mins long but sends a strong message through. I find it very charming how two people can like each other without actually speaking. Please watch!

Another one is probably going to be on the top of my movie list called Flipped. 
Everyone always dreamed of how first love would be like, well why don't you let two 8th graders teach you.

I remember when I was little I use to do stupid things too for boys, but I was too dense to know that I do it because I liked them!!! This movie is just too cute... it brings back memories when I was a kid.


This is a scene where the girl start smelling the boy's hair...

The boy was kinda creeped out..

Aside from American movies, I watch some Japanese TV shows..
I have always been a big fan of Ouran High School Host club the anime version.

But recently Japan has announced that they are airing the live action tv show for Ouran High School Host Club and I just had to watch it. Like all Anime to Live Action. I'm kinda disappointed at how they look compared to the anime version. It's just I know they can do so much better with cosplay but in the live action, they make them look average. As always they didn't really follow the anime series which is expected. But I still like the whole fancy costumes and lovely gestures that the host club provides for the lovely ladies.


Any suggestions for new movies, tv shows, or maybe some new anime?



stefania said...

I watched Flipped yesterday night and it was super!!!! I loved how the two points of view were recreated.
Thanks for your suggestion!!! ^___^

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