NEW Accessories + Dog Chase Ball under the Bed

Friday, April 29, 2011


Short post today, gonna show you what I bought recently and my outfit for the day. Also something really funny my brother's dog did.

TADA! Something I just quickly throw over!
F21 shirt, Thrift shorts, Leopard Leggings, Thrift boots, Fox tail

This is what I am wearing today.
I purchase this at a Indonesian Food Festival for $1.00 so cute.
Will post later on Food Festival

Another item I am wearing.
This is another accessory I purchase at the Food Festival for $1.00
These are all preowned. I love it. Cherry Red.

Fox tails have become quite popular and I just had to get one.
This one I purchase didn't even have a keychain! I was so mad when I got it. But thankfully I am creative to make my own. So I added some chains and an Anna Sui keychain to hang it under my jeans. This was a real fox tail and it was 14 -15 inches long! Ellie couldn't stop smelling the tail. At one point she was chewing on my tail. I had to beat her down getting it.

Who said Gyaru had to be expensive? Almost many of my items were Thrifted.

So the other day Ellie was playing with her squeeky toy. Suddenly it rolled under my bed. She was too big to fit underneath my bed so I always had to get the ball back for her.

That is until the 10th time I gave up getting the ball for her. So she attempted to go under the bed and get it for herself. HAHA She got stuck so many times and all I could do is sit there and laugh at her. (Yeah I know I am a cruel owner) But suddenly she found a system to get out!

LMAO! You can tell in the background my little brother and I were laughing so hard.... !


Who am I?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I spent the whole morning writing a little about myself and sharing something that I enjoy. I probably spent like the first hour writing it and like 2 hours editing and fixing stuff. Because I have horrible grammar mistakes and I reread my postings like 10 billion times and shit I still make stupid mistakes. I remember I told my friend that I really wanted to improve my English and I told him that he should correct me when I say something incorrect. Well.... That didn't work out so well. It drove me and him crazy having him correct every single mistake I made. Though it works! I have to thank him for that! Yes! You know who you are! I cherish every brutal remark you given me.

If you see on top of this it says HOME then ABOUT ME, yes click on that and I will tell you the secrets of life! Haha. If you are that lazy here is the LINK to it.

I kind of edited this a while back and thought it was pretty cool. Shows how much I change in just a few months! Who knows I just might become a guy the next few months! HAHA!

Camwhoring! Motivation

Okay I got the blog rolling... I am pumping these posts like its nothing.

I couldn't think of something witty to name the title so I will title it as it is. CAMWHORING! I guess I just started to myself alot more and really appreciate the natural beauty I have. Naw not really with all the fake stuff I have on hahah! I admit it! But seriously before I use to be really insecure of how I look and feel. Everything I wear looks like I was 10lbs heavier! Ladies you really have to be comfortable with your body and accept the natural beauty you have. OR you can run a marathon and do crazy exercise like me then you'll feel more accomplished fulfilled in life. No really I am not telling you to do that! But if you really feel insecure, make changes in your life that makes you feel good. Stop being jealous of others just because you think they are prettier than you. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL! Okay maybe I'm just a raging bit*h that just want to rant. But I really hate people who complains about themselves and not do anything about it. I understand that change is very hard to accept but once you make the first step. The rest is just a blissful walk at the park. The subject applies to everything you do in life, learn guitar? take that GMAT! learn a new language? take tango lessons? I fancy that! Whatever you do, you MUST finish it. Or else it's just a waste of effort and time with all these hype and imagining how HOT you look after 3 months of workout shattered. Get Motivated!

I been taking pictures of myself everytime I dress up and go out. Enjoy! Please comment if you want me to stop posting my ugliness around. Hahah!

I was trying to pose like Michi, I don't think it was successful though...



Those maybe pictures if I should post...

This camera is freaking awesome!

Testing on the different functions!

My other lazy days...

my phat picture!

Those days I actually look normal?

My natural self..

Ruby's Make Up Academy Free Workshop

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ugh! I said I was going to format my laptop, never did because something went wrong. Just procrastinating! Instead I went out and did some more adventure and partying. Haha. A few weeks back I went to Ruby's Make Up Academy/ School, which is really close to my house. My friend needed to borrow an outfit so I lend her my costume which I made a few years ago for her cousin's theme. They had this make up contest final. Since it is related to Beauty I was eager to go. I kept asking my friend if I can come. Finally yes got in! I also got the inside scoop of all the other make up artist. They were all becoming certified make up artist! That day when I was there, it was their final project. I was quite impress with all the creative and artistic make up artist. Mesmerize by their artwork. I was there from start to finish. So I took many of beginning pictures and slowly it pieces together. This is a competition final so there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Judging for detail, color, design, and creativity.

I really want to enroll and get certified myself. It's been one of my many goals in life to acquire this skill. I will soon enroll but until then let's enjoy these amazing artist.

Model and Make Up Artist

Fishnet effect great idea!

I was wondering how would she look like in the end.

I have never seen anyone use double sided tape. But this make up artist pulled it off.

I love her smile, very elegant.

Ice Queen
The crown is made of glue stick handmade. So Creative!

You can probably guess who she is going to be.

Freaking amazing!

Love the detail work on her.

My friend's cousin at work.


I was looking for something.

I look horrible that day and I think I had food stuck in my mouth haha.

FINISH! Jungle lady?

Peacock design.

Color blending is amazing!

This make up artist really use her creativity side

I fancy her. She was suppose to be the Mermaid, but she forgot her fins!

Final, Black Swan

Final, two face universe

Group picture. To respect my friend's privacy I block her out. She was wearing my handmade costume! I feel very proud!

The winner for the Fantasy Competition was....
Black Swan 1st place

Two face universe, 2nd place



Harajuku girl, 3rd place
YAY! Congrats Tammy!
Her make up was really amazing but I have respect my friend's privacy.

There is a FREE WORKSHOP I am attending on May 18th at 7:00pm
Where: 4808 Baldwin Ave. #203, Temple City, CA 91780 Ph: 626-448-2263
Theme: Smokey Eyes : Bring your notebook and camera for this intense 2 hour workshop that will teach you today's hottest makeup trend. Learn: color choice, placement, blending & more!
Tell them that Amy invited you!
Come Join! Heck if you just want to watch just come anyways, who know you might learn something new! I will definitely come on May 18th. See you there!

If you are not around the neighborhood there is also another Ruby Make Up Academy in Upland.
Free workshop on June 15th at 7:00pm
Address: 440 North Mountain #106, Upland, CA 91786 Ph: 909-985-2100


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