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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

so random....

"It doesn't cost a cent to smile no matter how high inflation goes up." Byron Pulsifer

I probably have alot more to say but this sums up my day today. How was yours?

Life updates!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Man it's been so long since I updated my blog, what a long neglect.... I been so busy catching up on work and life that I haven't updated news from here.. here's a quick photoblog update enjoy!

In no particular order...

pre halloween!

black swan and minnie
Did a flash mob proposal...

Epic and fun to be part of a dancing group.

From October 2011

The famous couple upfront!

Galloween Model

upfront of with all the models

power ranger dance

all decked out with lots of everything in my hair. for a short shoot

make up artist at work

another outfit for the Pamyu Event coordinated by Deonne make up artist/stylist

back to my normal self of how i look daily haha with my 15 year old poochi

Bye hope you enjoy what's happen in my life!!!! 

Its fun to be someone else for a day, wouldn't you want to?

Gal-loween Event at Royal -T Oct 26

Monday, October 3, 2011

I will be in the fashion show, its going to be fun and exciting!! Yay!

Tune in Tokyo announces "GAL-LOWEEN" hosted by KIMIMELA GALS at Royal/T Cafe, Shop, & Artspace on Wednesday, October 26th! It's our first Halloween party at LA's most authentic and elegant Akiba-style maid cafe! We're welcoming a special guest from Japan for this event, J-Pop artist MOOMA! There will also be a fashion show sponsored by ShibuyaLA and Kigurumi Shop, and vendors selling Gal & Lolita clothing and accessories.

We will have DJs in front and back, spinning J-Pop, K-Pop, Shibuya-kei, and dance and Indie from Spain, Turkey, France, and across the globe in the cafe area! Our club room will feature J-Pop, K-Pop, Japanese Electro, and anime music all night, plus a special live performance by Mooma!

We will also be hosting vendors, with our guests having the opportunity to purchase unique Japanese fashion and music merchandise! Participating vendors include Kawaii Carnival, ShibuyaLA, MugiBunny, and more!

Halloween costumes, cosplay, and Gal Fashion encouraged!

Admission is $10, all ages admitted. The event runs from 8 PM - 12 AM. The cafe will also be open, offering a special event menu.

Additional details to be announced!

Join Kimimela Gals at Royal/T for the big party of the spooky holiday season, GAL-LOWEEN at Royal/T! See you on Wednesday, October 26th!



Kigurumi Shop



Rockeresque Beauty Company

Kawaii Carnival


Joshua Dearing

Ben Chan

Gal Meet at The Getty Museum, Oct 23

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

***Changes have been made to location***

Okay its official! Gal Meet at the Getty Center, Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct 23, 2011.

Meet and greet beautiful gals in Los Angeles. This is a Potluck Picnic meet where we can learn and share things we love about Gyaru Fashion or just wants to come and make some new friends. Just chill, relax, and enjoy the museum.

Potluck style so I encourage everyone to bring something to share. Like BITE SIZE food appetizers, sandwiches, obento, desserts, chips, cookies, anything yummy. be creative! home cooking!

Afterwards we will be walking around the museum. so DON'T bring too much food.

[Please post what you'll be bringing so everyone won't bring the same things]
Marie will provide plates, utensils, napkins and drinks.
Michi - Drinks!

We will meet at the Getty Center. This museum is FREE to get in!
So afterwards we can go and explore the museum and take lots of amazing scenic pictures! For some of you guys that never been here before this is an amazing opportunity to see LA at its finest.

Date: Sunday, Oct 23, 2011
Time: 1:30pm

The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, California 9004

Parking is $15 per car, so CARPOOL!

Once you parked and arrived at the place take the Tram and we will meet at The Cafe (L2) see map

This is an open invite! I encourage everyone to come and have fun! Hope to see you there! 

Take time to Enjoy

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today I was suppose to meet with Nana, Ami and her friends but it ended up just Nana and myself. I actually enjoyed the time alone with Nana cause we both can learn and get to know each other better than hanging out in a big group. I find it harder getting someone's attention when I'm hanging out with a huge group. Though it is a great opportunity to meet then greet on the second time around. Our initial plan was to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival happen near Little Tokyo. But we never found where it is!?!?! When we did ask a person where the festival, he didn't know either.... (asking the wrong person) So Nana and I wander around Little Tokyo telling each other where we like to go, which areas are best, etc. It was such an great experience there are many new discoveries beyond every person I meet. I love it! 

My coordinates for that day... I try to dazzle it up a bit due to my dull room.

We had guy that took a picture of us so I made him take a picture of us using my camera! LOL! 
[ NOTE: The hats were not planned! ]

While walking we came around a mob of cosplayers... I wanted to get a picture of some of them. so I asked a girl if we can get a picture. Then she suddenly screamed, "Picture Time! Picture Time!" we had the mob surround us to let us take the picture.... Haha it was quite scenic.

Cosplay mob surround us...
While walking we saw this cute terrier chained up outside of Marukai. He was a brave little pooch letting us molest him with some photobombing. LOL

puppies thoughts : [ who is this?]

puppies thoughts : [ i bite!!! you know?]

puppies thoughts : [ i'm hungry, feed me!]
Nana's secret mirror spot to take picture... 

While we were taking pictures infront of the mirror, a man walked by. It was really awkward cause we were the only ones there and out of nowhere this man comes walking by looking strangely at us. 

On 1st street we spotted a new restaurant. 

With such a irresistibly cute logo, we decided to come in.  

Nana and I talked about Gyaru and how we got into it. I love to share stories, tips. I figure we both have two  genuine things in common, GYARU and FOOD!!!

We didn't eat breakfast and it was already past noon! Our HUNGER FACES!!

Such cute LOGO!!!

I had the Shrimp and Basil Pasta 
IMO: It was really bland... very little taste. But if you add some parmesan cheese it taste a tad bit better. But I wouldn't recommend getting it again. For a place that says its famous for Pasta. This dish is no bueno. Now I have to come back and try the other goodies. 

Nana got the Pork Katsu Curry. Her dish was full of flavor and crispiness... Nana said the curry is way better than Curry House. Well you be the judge! Go try! I want to come back here again and try their salad too cause they claim their known for it. This place is more of the Western Japanese restaurant. They have plenty of those in Japan and the style is exactly the same down to the placements of the utensils.


We met another cosplayer. I don't remember which anime is from but Nana seems to know.. fill me in on it!!!

We went inside some Japanese gifts/cosmetics/toys/ everything store. Nana grabbed one of those cane.. looking like an old man...LOL

[Gun-sword]- [Killer looking katana]

Fake looking miniature cake stuff that I could never eat. 

We both aren't a be fan of Hello Kitty. But we whine up taking pictures with it. I ask one kitty if he was a boy or a girl... It did not answer....LOL!

Walked a thousand steps....

In these shoes!

We decided to go somewhere else... took the car and took a drive, then we spotted the Blossom Festival!!! It was literally a street away and we missed it!!! Though we did end up going to the festival when it was almost over!!! SHAME! Yes Nana we will remember this... lost!

It was an awesome day.... 

We have many more things we wanted to do together too!


shabu shabu at someone's house ~TBA         
fall potluck picnic meet~ 10/22 maybe?        
make overs! ~ TBA                                          
haunted place to scared our pants off ~TBA
Kimimela Halloween Event ~10/26              
West Hollywood Halloween Parade ~10/29

Anyones who is interested in Gyaru fashion I encourage everyone to come! 
I want to meet all you lovely ladies and guys out there!!!


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