Pink Nails + Birthday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday I spent some time doing my nails again. Instead I went and surf the net and found this interesting blog about a girl that is doing her nail everyday for 365 days with something new. Even though her nail art are not my kinda style I still think its pretty awesome to start on a project and keeping it up.
Her nails are fun and cute go check her out at

And here is my pink nails... I need to buy more supplies so I can create different designs, but I like what I did.

trying out a new hair style

Alan is also trying out a new hair style

we went to my friends birthday dinner. I took a picture of the birthday boy and wanted wacky pictures but he wouldnt do it. instead i found a new program to add some stickers on hehe. The picture is a perfect fit for the crown and mustache.

the gang, i notice alot of the guys are wearing white!


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