Friday, September 23, 2011

Its 4am... I'm high on caffeine still...

Instead of doing something productive I decided to rant about it here cause I can do so YAY! Nothing beats me bickering about how mentally strange I am drinking a caffeinated drink at night time when I know I couldn't sleep. ahhh!!!( !_o) I can't handle any sodas,teas, coffee or anything that has caffeine in it after 5pm or else I mind as well stay up all night playing games. I'm weak, I can't say no to a tasty drink. But in return, I'm staying up all night about it. Booo!

Earlier today I thought to myself... I should cut my hair...
Evidently I was too chicken poo to cut my own hair, so I gave my wig a trim in the bangs and cutting the whole wig shorter. I had a good reason, if you ever buy fake synthetic wigs. They are never meant to last. Well mine is long overdue and I keep cutting it shorter and shorter of all the tangle parts. I think its time for another one... maybe red? YAY!

what do you think?

P.S. i hate you tumblr, because i'm on it day and night. i hate you just as much as facebook and their new layout format.

done! sleep! ZZZZzzzzzzz....


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