I have CONQUERED 26.2 miles!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have always envy people who does amazing things in life. But now I feel I too can do what they do. With much dedicated and inspiration anything is possible.

I started running right after Thanksgiving and didn't really feel I had any chance at finishing a marathon. I ran 1 mile and I was dying already. Out of breath, feeling tired, lazy, stupid for even running in November at below 40 degrees! Just telling you this makes me cry how torturing my training was. Its easy to say I give up! Throw out the white flag and just hope and dream about the day I will do this. I kept telling my friend that I want to run this, but the training is so hard and painful. Well he told me if running was easy then anyone can run marathons. So I suck it up and continue to run. The more I began to think, the less I wanted to run.

So I developed this daily routine of putting my workout clothes and shoes on everyday, so there was no excuse of ditching the run. Even when I thought I was a little sick, I suck it up and said "Its just X miles, I'll run faster and get it over with." Everyday I ran a little more 1 mile, 2 miles, and so on until I reach my ceiling point of 10 miles. To tell you the truth, after every run I feel accomplished, satisfied, like inches closer to my goal. My mind kept telling me that I hit my limit, I can't run any longer and for a couple of weeks after running, I was stuck running at 10 miles only.

Awhile later I reunited with my friend Taffy after meeting her a year ago.

She is a active marathon runner and amazing friend. She trained many of her friends for marathons before and suggested that I should get some training. She ask me what was the longest I ever ran and when I told her 10 miles she kinda got scared. Just weeks before the marathon and I only hit 10 miles!?! So she quickly kick my butt and started to train for longer runs. With the help of her I was able to pass my measly 10 miles to 15 then to 18 miles.

Before I ran with my poochi Rebecca everywhere. She was like my all time running buddy. She'll run anytime of the day, rain or shine the companion that never fails. I guess its because I never ran with anybody except my dog that I never broke through 10 miles.

Running with Taffy was a total bliss. It didnt feel long and excruciating like my previous runs. Instead we talked the whole way while pacing ourselves. It was wonderful! Thanks Taffy for the great experience you have given me. I cannot thank you enough for all the support and motivation you have given me.

I entered the LA Marathon on March 20, Sunday. It was 26.2 miles from the Dodgers Stadium to Santa Monica Pier.

Please excuse all the PROOF signs since I didn't want to pay for the actual picture I'll just take the proof ones.
Waking up bright and early at 4am before the marathon.

This was probably mile 5-8 while I was still happy and enjoying my run

I saw this while I was running, someone actually bought a whole billboard just for the marathon!

You have every right to litter while running the marathon!

Everytime I turn back, this is what I see. Hundreds of people running!

Haha I am total Asian throwing my peace signs up.

This was probably after 15 miles while I really didn't give a crap about pictures or anything. Because it was pouring rain and fatigue was hitting me.

This picture really captures the essence of the day. At one point I rain felt like marbles thrashing down. I was soaking wet from head to toe, shoes were all squishy. It was truly an experience to remember.

At mile 15-17, I began to feel some pain on the heels of my feet. Before I realize both of my heels were bleeding into my shoes because all the chafing in between my shoes. I stop to the aid station for some bandaids and I couldn't even ripe them off or put them on because my hand were shaking violently. The volunteer saw me and was nice enough to help me apply. She gave me this look like man you have balls still running in your condition. Around that time I also felt a couple blisters developing in my toes but I still kept running.

Running the marathon is so much FUN, you get to see all sorts of people dressing up. It was quite entertaining since it eases my mind off the actual running.

I don't know when he finished but he sure looks fast haha!

There were some great supports with signs and somehow I suddenly felt thirsty for beer.

I really appreciated all the spectators cheering for us even in the RAIN. Even though my friends and family didn't come out, I know they were cheering for me in spirit or in facebook. haha. I don't blame you guys it was raining like cats and dogs!

At mile 20 I lost feeling of both my legs and hands, they were so cold and in pain that I was like a Zombie that just kept running. Many people went into hypothermia because they stop and walk through the rain. I knew if I stopped and walked I would get sick too. All I was thinking in my head was.. just 6 more miles... just 3 more miles... I'll be done.

FINISH!!!! Clock time 5:15:03
Finishing chip time was 5:02:56 the difference between chip is they start counting once I pass the start line. The average runner finish about 5hrs and 30mins and I thought I would fall in between those numbers. But amazingly I did it within 5hrs and 2 mins! I was surprised myself!

At the sight of relief of finishing, I think I was crying or was the rain drops hitting my eyes?

Got my medal and plastic blanket. My teeth were chattering because it was freaking cold as you can tell by this picture.


Finishing a marathon is the best feeling in the WORLD, its almost like being on stage but you have audience cheering for you for 5 whole hours long and giving you free food, water, and unlimited HIGH FIVES! Every ounces of sweat and pain through training is all worth it!

I cried because I was so Happy!
I cried because I was in Pain!
I do it all over again!

Thanks for everyone who believe in me and giving me kind words of support. Friends, please excuse my absences for the past couple of months.

Personal Thanks to Ginger! Next year, lets run the marathon together!

A 400-lb sumo wrestler can do it, you can too! He finished it in 9:42:42! Cheers!


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