Goodbye CSULA, Hello Future

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its official I am finally graduated from college. With no real pathway for my future, I will begin my journey up ahead. Here are some of my pictures with my friends and family. Thank you guys for coming, I really appreciated. This is a pretty lengthy post of pictures hope you guys like it.

I realized the next day I was actually wearing the cap backwords. But its okay I like the new look.

I love Sunflowers, their my favorite flowers.

Graduation Audience

Walking in graduates

Lining up to our seats

There were at least 20 beach balls bouncing around the us, and i caught of the victim.

Beach ball party! It keeps boucing until the professor catch it,takes it away, and Pop it.

Yay! Finally GRADUATE!

I love my friends.

My Family

My very pretty Mommy

Leena and I both graduate this year

Bachelor of Business Marketing minor in Economics
Whats Next?
I will be traveling to China for a month and after that, I might travel to New York in search of my new career.


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