Japan Trip -Tokyo [Pic Spam] Part 2

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As promised I'm posting up pictures from my Japan trip back in 2009. It is always quite fun to look back and remember the memories I had. I enjoyed most was the people I traveled with. The group consist of 14 people and we were all new to the country. With no tour guide or experience we basically travel together across Japan.

Hello kitty...

Another touristy spot with Ginger...please excuse my fashion sense back then.

This is the coolest invention ever! This is actually an order machine you press which food you want and a piece of paper dispenses out. Then you take a seat and give the piece of paper to the person working in the restaurant. I really love this invention because I always take forever to order and I don't like the feeling of having the waitress wait for me.

Inside above Tokyo Tower... in my opinion you can skip this touristy spot.

PIKACHU!!!! He's huge!

Another tourist spot. Condomania... some of the most crazy and kinky stuff in that store.

Cold Noodles Ramen

Miso Ramen

Look at that steam... soo good in Shibuya

At random.... I don't know what is this can someone tell me what they are doing?

I'm sold, you had me with the duck.

Boots heaven for MEN. I just wish they had this in U.S.

I think this was in Shibuya 109. If anyone has never been there, its like a fashion shopping mall but 10 times better!

In Shibuya, rotating belt sushi.... its so cheap there 100 yen per plate. Everything is so fresh and well prepared. Also the most amazing part is in this picture you see a knob where the orange juice is, well it actually dispense out HOT WATER so you can have your hot tea while eating sushi. I'm astonished!

Random snaps....

They had a sewing store... love all the new portable sewing machine.

Went shopping and finally met up with my friends.. loads of goodies bought.

After Tokyo, we took the train to our next destination. We were so exhausted and sleepy because we were on a schedule to hit all the places.. snap shot of my friend.

Our group filled up the whole bus...

We were waiting to get on the ferry to see Mt. Fuji. The boat is at the palm of my hands.

Kissing duck.

Getting on to the ferry.

Argh... pirate.

Dessert never look so delicious...

My cousin that made this trip happen.


Here,  you can start drinking at 18 years old.

Tap beer taste so good and I love the character.

After a few drinks, I think Ginger has lost it... Shrimp Beer?

We were eating, a Japanese guy started to talk to us in English. It's quite an interesting conversation since his English was kinda limited but we understood each other. He was so nice too, helping us order and we asked a whole bunch of question of how to get around the area.

While everyone was sound asleep, Ginger and I sneaked out and wander around the streets. We saw this pizza place and wanted to try how pizza taste in Japan.

Damn good and buttery....

The whole gang together.

After days of sightseeing, I'm so exhausted.

My friend the organizer that planned out the whole trip. Thanks Jonathon!

Nice car, girl driven.

wiped out...

Frozen Slurpee taste so good when its a giant cup.

Japan Trip [Part 3] coming soon...


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