Anime Expo 2011 + Vegas Independence Day!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

To start off my post, I want you to listen to this!

It's freaking AWESOME. X-Japan Scars
I especially love this version because of the progressive bass in the beginning. It sounds evil and psychedelic.

This might be a short notice, but I will be participating in Anime Expo this year for a Fashion Show presented by Tune in Tokyo at the Club Nokia on July 2, Saturday. If you already have a AX Badge its free to get in. If not, you can buy the dance only attendee for $25 1 day pass to attend to the event. see pricing.

Special Thanks to Mandie one of the coordinators that made it happen for me.

For more detail see this.....

To tell you the truth, I wasn't really planning to go since I know how AX can cost alot of money and waiting in line after line... it will drive me nuts. But since I'm in the fashion show it makes it alot easier to digest. Plus it's been a long time that I have been in a fashion show, so I feel very honored that Tune in Tokyo have invited me in this year. I hope we will have future events like these that I can get involved in because I have some pretty crazy ideas. muhaahah......

Oh yeah! About the fashion show! We will be in Vocaloid-inspired fashion show sponsored by Q-Pop, featuring Japanese labels Sexpot Revenge, Algonquins, & Super Lovers.

Here is something Vocaloid does... pretty awesome performance. They will also be having a concert on 
Saturday, July 2. But before I knew about it, the tickets are sold out... =( But enjoy this!

SEXED outfits. Okay maybe not like this... so sexed out and hot looking... hahaha....
Though I might need to workout mighty hard to get those kinds of flat abs. LOL.

Lots of HOT and FUN pictures will be posted soon!

After the show, my friends and I will be heading out to VEGAS! To celebrate for everything and anything. Well maybe for Independence Day. But also to visit my friends James and Rowie from vegas. Rowie is also a blogger as well, a very cute one. She is so cute everyone want to become her, literally... LOL She has the whole scoop on that topic in her blog check her out.

"Chilling with some good friends in the city where everything happens." -Marie

What better way to celebrate Independence Day....


Anonymous said...

Type-H Gakupo (far left in that picture) was originally one of my plans for AX. But no time to make it, so maybe another con instead.

Anonymous said...

er far right, not left. Purple haired guy.

Geeky Glamorous said...

So excited for the show! You're going to look fabbbb! <3

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