Anime Expo - Day 1

Friday, July 8, 2011

Came back from my awesome crazy weekend from AX and vegas... but as promise I want to post pictures from AX in my Day 1. I recycle my old costume I made from ages ago and did a quick add on lace necklace with cuffings and threw on a wig.. So really I don't know what to call myself. A Harajuku girl? A dark maid?

I was working for these two lovely sisters for the show.

We were trying on corsets...

Corsets are insanely tight, I couldn't even bend down. But really slimming, waist size shrunk 3-4 sizes down. Amazing!

Such a cool cosplay, I think this is one of the Hollows from Bleach.

group shot.

steampunk anyone?

Hi Chew King!!!! I didn't even know there was a character like that.

I wanted to take the box home...

We both rocked!

Sailormoon was my favorite anime when I was little.

quick snaps.


I'm a sucker for cute animals...

This is something new to me I never seen. Called NicoNico where we are on broadcast live over the internet and people would randomly type in whatever they want. So we can actually see it in the screen of what they are saying. It's almost like a chatroom but alot more advanced.

Love this anime, Durarara!!

Why is Jack here?

I got this Giant bag from AX and its so cool... I had to pimp it out...

more to come with Vocaloid inspired Fashion Show...


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you are so good with hair and make-up and have an interst in Anime. Good for you! Miss you hun!!

ms janet said...

hey! great pix from ax. you should do this blog thing for forever 21.

ms janet said...

look under contest/giveaways

Marie said...

@Imulisa Thank you so much for the awesome comments. But I think there are hidden talent in everyone.

@Janet I love you, you always give me great comments and deals.... your too awesome.

SARA MARI said...

Great photos it looks really interesting! I enjoy seeing all the cosplay and booths etc because I know I'll never go.

sillysimplicity said...

I LOOOOOVE that gigantic bag!!! Now I wanna make one myself >_<

Marie said...

@Sara you don't need anime expo, you live in Japan! Can see all the cosplay you want right?

@Sillysimplicity giant bags are awesome, I just don't know what to use it for... lol

Sochii Kamiya and Andelia Rehauste said...

LOVE THE STEAMPUNK HK SHIRTS <3 its so darn adorable. wished i could have one =3=


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