DespairsRay Concert

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just last week I went to see my favorite band DespairsRay Concert. I love their music, it has taken me to another world everytime I hear their songs. DespairsRay is doing a World Tour and they came to LA!! When I first found out I quickly ordered the tickets. They were promoting their new song "Love is Dead"

#1 my attempt look of a rockstar

#2 my friends that went with me

#3 smile!

#4 We both dressed up like rockstars!

#5 group shot!

#6 ahh!

#7 drinks were only $5

#8 waiting waiting and more waiting....

#9 come on i didnt know he was doing that!


#11 she had the craziest hair updo, too bad the camera couldnt catch it.

#12 ahh my love Hizumi!

#13 The most awesome night ever!

It was a great concert, though when we came out all of us still hear the ringing in our ears. Haha. I LOVE YOU DESPAIRSRAY! PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN!


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