DIY nail art + new book!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I been updating so much my adventures, I forgot to update about my beauty. I love nail art especially the Japanese style kind. But since that service cost i cannot afford, I diy myself. I did alot of self taught, trail and error, and lots of youtube videos. Most of my designs and inspirations comes from all the japanese magazines i been looking at. I dont have any fancy machine to do this just simple tools you can get at the drugstore and lots of ebay! Oh yeah, I also dont use expensive nail polish because i get tired of my nails in a week and i just repaint them again. I dont think I am an expert, but I am still learning. I love how I can be as creative and as colorful as I want. Here is summer look that I have on now. These are my real nails.

#1 summer

I just finish one my last book (I'll tell you about on next post)/ But I am currently reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I heard great reviews on it and I quickly bought it before I was done with my last book. The lady working at the bookstore also had a great pleasure reading it so I was more eager to buy it. There is also a movie out currently starring Julia Roberts, but I want to finish the book before I watch the movie or else it will ruin my reading. I been glued to this book for 3 days now and its been fun and enjoyable. I like the authors writing style it doesn't confuse me at all. I not a avid reader but I like to improve on building up my speed reading and vocabulary.

#3 Here is my other design awhile back in June



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