Hiking with Poochi in Eaton Canyon

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love hiking, especially with my poochi Rebecca. I think she makes my hiking experience better every time. Plus hiking duals as exercise and somewhere to go and see. My pooch and I went to Eaton Canyon in Pasadena because its one of the closes one in our house and it has a waterfall. We went on a late Wednesday there and it was sooo hot, we thought we were gonna have a heat stroke. Eventually we made it to the waterfall and it was so relaxing there... It just takes my stress away everytime Im there.

#1 so happy!

#2 She's so photogenic

#3 I think she likes her alone shots

#4 aww I love her face expression on this

#5 relaxing

#6 the view behind

#7 her hunting mode kicked in

#8 view

#9 what you find girl?

#10 funny story, poochi always wander around and disappears when we hike and comes back when i hike with her. there was a family that walk pass me and Rebecca appear out of nowhere and almost gave them a heat attack because they thought it was a coyote.

#11 at last the waterfall

#12 keeping my toes cool

#13 this guy tried to climb up the waterfall, fail

What's Next? We are gonna hike in Hermit Falls, they have a 40ft fall i want to jump off!


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