Cafe Hooters, Red Dessert, Snails at Westminister

Monday, March 14, 2011

I had quiet an interesting adventure on Sunday and decided it was noteworthy to blog about. Alan's been searching for a great coffee joint and I been craving to eat snails. So we concluded to go to Westminister for some authentic Vietnamese coffee and snails along with exploring the city.

Alan found this place called Cafe Di Vang 2 that serves coffee and smoothies, literally they only serve these two types of drinks. What I might as well call it "Cafe Hooters". When we first arrive, we saw with smoke tinted windows and the old rickety sign, I thought it was closed. Once I walked closer, I realized it was actually OPEN. So from what the reviewers say on YELP, Cafe Di Vang it is full of men from the age 25-50. I had to brace myself to think I will be the only girl at this cafe. Haha Oh boy am I right! I had these weird looks from everyone in the cafe... kinda like "WTH are you doing here?" The expression were priceless. I was technically the only girl customer there, aside from 3 lovely waitresses dressed up with little to nothing lingerie.

The place inside was dark and smokey, it kind of reminds me of a big outdoor cafeteria with lots of flat screen tvs and poker machines. Not the kind of vibe I was expecting. There was no menu, you pretty much have two choices coffee or smoothie. Since we read reviews before we went there, we ordered coffee. We were expecting the coffee to taste damn good, since that is all they serve, but it was all hype.. it wasn't as strong as I would like it and it was a bit too sugary for my taste. The coffee cost me $5 for an 8 oz glass... I guess the people that come here, are not coming here for the coffee but a good show of the girls walking around with cute lingerie.

Here is the cute girl that serve us

I asked if I can take a picture and somehow spark up a conversation about their job. They were very friendly with me and openly answer all my curious questions like, How did you find this job? Does this job make good money? Does your parents know you work in this type of job?

I find that the service is AWESOME since I have a cute girl refilling my drink everytime i took a sip of it, but it lacks decor and ambiance. You really just pay to see girls, its not the Coffee. Overall it was my first experience being in a cafe like this and I thought it was pretty interesting. Its the first for everything.

Fox News was even covering this

Sexy New Vietnamese Cafes:

hmm wonder if I will be coming back for more?

After that we went out searching for places to explore... since there were so many plazas around we decided to pop into one of them to see what they offer.
We ride down some plaza and saw this store called SUPER CHEAP ahha i had to take a picture of that.. how cheap? SUPER CHEAP outlet. Anyone looking for cheap cigarette you'll find it super cheap here.

While chatting with the lovely gals at Cafe Di Vang she said there are about 20 other cafes around Westminister, she mention this one Cafe YoYo. I finally realize how you can distinguish these places, tinted windows and a huge fish tank in the front entrance. That's when you know it's a Cafe Hooters.
We went to this T&K Food Market/ Plaza and walked around.

Realized that this restaurant had a lot of people lining up out the door. So I started to line up too. To see what all the fuss is about. Haha
I asked people around us to see what is good here. All their response was, EVERYTHING is good! Somehow we had a whole flock of people recommending us different desserts and we choose these..
This is called, "Soy" its sticky rice with some coconut milk in it. The texture is chewy and sticky. Not too sweet just how I like it.
I forgot what this is called but it is really good! It has jackfruit, longan and various jellies coated with coconut milk juice. Very tasty! I find that most vietnamese places make desserts just too sweet for my taste buds and this places makes it just right.

Judging from the yelp reviews we hit the jackpot for Thach Che Hien Khanh. This place is well known for their vietnamese desserts and one of the famous one! You question why there is a line out the door.

After dessert we went to Little Saigon Plaza so get some snails..

I love food courts! I like to walk around to compare what I want before I order.

This is called "Oc len xao dua" snail dish. Sweet, spicy, savory just very tasty, drench with spicy coconut milk sauce. If your into exotic food then you gotta try this. kinda acquired taste.

Alan got the "Bo luc lac" basically beef cubes stir fry. But their sauce is addicting! So delicious!

We wanted to try out another famous coffee shop review on yelp, but by the time we went there it was closed. So next time for another great adventure!


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