Why bike when you can Hydrobike

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am feeling the mood of blogging, so I am just mass posting random stuff if you don't mind.

A couple weeks ago, I did a short blog about what I did on Valentine's Day but never really revealed all of it. So here is what I did.

Step 1: dress up nice and pretty and tell him we are going somewhere, don't ask why and wear shorts!

Step 2: Tell him to take some nice model pictures too!

Step 3: Take him to the beach

Step 4: walk your way to the destination and say...

Step 5: SURPRISE! We are going HYDROBIKING!

HydroBiking in Long Beach

We were the only ones there and it kinda disappoints me that no one is doing this, but we have the ocean to ourselves which was a blast!

Hydrobiking experience in HD!

We both had our cameras, took massive pictures while we are riding the bikes.

great scenery, its almost like gliding down the water

You can even park your hydrobikes along the beach area and take a nice long walk down the beach. If I knew, I would've brought some food and set up a picnic.

self portrait

This was my first experience on a hydrobike, the hydrobike owner John open up his business just last November and it has been a great hit with the locals. He recommend us coming in the summer and christmas time. Why Christmas time? Well that is where all the boats decked out in christmas lights and big parade of boats roll by in Long Beach. It's about $20 an hour, but if you mention Yelp, you'll get a $5 discount. He'll also offer group discounts.

You can also burn up to 800 calories an hour doing this, what a great way to exercise

really I am not getting paid to advertise this, I just think this is awesome and worth mentioning

here is my money shot

for the first 15 minutes all we did was take pictures...

these bikes are indestructible, we were racing and ramming these bikes around



let me fix my clothes

LB hydrobiking model? hahaha

Its fun for all ages! Friends you must try! Guys out there, if you want to try something new. Take your date out to this, she will LOVE you! If you want more tips of fun, consult to me. I may have more stuff up my sleeve. Haha.


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