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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My latest coordinates and random faces...my own stash of clothing mix within.

The Look: Bohemian Gypsy?  Maybe a fusion with everything. I'm starting my own trend.
The see through nude lacy top was DIY by me more to come on that.

The Look: Pissed off and Happy at the same time. I love B&W photos it captures a different feeling.

The Look: Really Hot weather and didn't shave my legs. Yes you know it! I spent time doing my hair that day and I think I still need practice. This dress was originally size XXXL I reconstruct to fit.

The Look: It's Hot and I need to wear something airy.
Jean Jumpsuit/ Romper gift by my awesome friend Rowie. LOVE IT!

Another note, my friend said I look like a freaking Barbie... Barbie is too slutty in my opinion.
I'm just the ♥junkie
Fun Fact: Did you know that Barbie was first create for adults not children?

If you see me alot, you will see me wear this dress often. Hehe

My mom would always tell me to never wear long dress because it makes me look short. But I'm just in love with it. Long chocolate maxi dress was another gift by Rowie 

The other day I went to the OC Fair and this pictures just captures how happy♥ I was being there!

Lately I been doing some sewing projects to add to my wardrobe, but I'm kind of shy to post all my work. Yes, I know SHY doesn't fit me. But I want to make something I'm proud to present. Enjoy!


Mai said...

I love your fashion ! ♥
Can't wait to see how you DIY-ed the lace shirt :)

Marie said...

@ Mai, Thank you again. The lace shirt was sewed out of random since see-thru lace shirts its in trend these days.. Will have more to update =P

stella lee said...

omg i love your style <333 really nice to see gyaru! anyway, ive been checking your blogs for quite a few times because you left comment on my blog when youre looking at girls movie life =]
remember me? xD


M. said...

"The Look: Really Hot weather and didn't shave my legs"...ahahha :D
You look too cute with that dress! who cares if you didn't shave them!

Marie said...

@M Thank you! But I think that long dress hides many things LOL like if you eat too much at a buffet or hide a sandwich underneath LOL. JKing! Thanks for reading!

elrica said...

I like U!!!
like ur fashion , the way u dressed up and the way u snapped ur pics!!

Can i link u?

Marie said...

@Elrica I love you already!! Hahah Thank you for commenting and yes you can link me too! As I will do that same for you! Your blog sounds just as exciting with all the great adventures.

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