I Dare you, hike up Mt. Baldy

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiking or climbing?

There are many things I love. One of the many is hiking... the spectacular view and the great satisfaction of a great work out. I took the challenge of hiking up Mt. Baldy aka (Mount San Antonio) at 10,000ft elevation because I wanted to test if I had altitude sickness. Well I don't really know. This spark my interest to hiked or climbed up Mt. Baldy because its one of the highest and closest mountain around my area.  I guess that is just an excuse to hike up another route or I'm just crazy. 

There are many ways to go up Mt. Baldy. Taking the Ski lift is probably the easiest and the fastest way up. It cost $20 roundtrip for the Ski lift or you can hike it. Since my friend and I arrived there late we took the ski lift. But I will come early next time and hike this place by myself.

Upon my hike we bumped into a poochi an Husky for exact. She is just so cute! Kinda wish I brought my poochi along...

We started our hike at 2pm!!! So late... but it was still sunny and HOT!

AMAZING they still have SNOW in JULY! The fun part of my hike...

Snow melting off my hands...

I literally wanted to jump and make snow angels, but being that I will still be hiking upwards the weather will be cooler and didn't want to get wet.. so maybe next time. HAHa.

The hike was treacherous and exhausting  up but we finally made it to what they called Devil's Backbone trail...the trail was really narrow and steep.

Finally after 2 and half hours hiking  we MADE IT ON TOP!!! The reason why it took so long was we kept stopping for breaks because of the elevation and picture taking... finest ways to enjoy the view.

360 view of the most amazing scenery ever! Nothing like laying back and relax of your accomplishment.

Victory drinks!!!!

Some funnies...

We were blazing down our hike because we wanted to make it to the ski lifts before they close and it only took us maybe 45-60 minutes to hike down... that is freaking fast considering it took us maybe 2 and a half hours to hike up or am I just imagining...

The next day after the hike, my legs were sore like crazy...!!! I spent the day doing nothing cause of how sore my legs were and thankfully I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything. So make sure you have the next day to rest before you hike this trail.

On top of the world...

Take the challenge to hike up Mt. Baldy. 


stella lee said...

OMG Hikingggggg <33333333333
I'd love to do it one day too on that kind of mountain <33

elrica said...

sounds fun..had a great day there?

Marie said...

@Stella Yesh I'm pretty sure in your area they have beautiful hiking trails as well!!!

@Elrica Hiking is definitely always fun to do by yourself or go with your friends to have a nice long chat.

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