Summer Days of Fun: Vegas Style

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sorry for my long overdue post. Lately I been spacing out and really into my own world. I didn't want to force post something up my blog because I feel I should post whenever I feel like it. So now I am back in action and giving you the latest scoop of my life or any current events happening.

On my previous post I said I went to Las Vegas to visit my friends James and Rowie. They are just awesome friends to be around, aside from visiting them, exploring Vegas with locals was a new experience.

They also have the cutest baby husky ever!

Hi! My name is NIGHT!

This little cutie is MOCHI!

Went to eat Ramen on a very HOT VEGAS day..

This place was off the strip of Vegas, which i very much like. It was like hidden gem restaurants around the strip.

so delicious... Ramen. We were sweating eating this, but Oo so yummy.

fried rice

James raving about their pork rice so we had to get some...

After that we got some coffee, from their favorite coffee shop Sambalatte.

James and Rowie's favorite Lattes.

The coffee shop had books, but we were just pretending to read hahah..

Aside from coffee they had delectable desserts, but we just couldn't eat anymore after Ramen.

Homemade Chocolate covered lollipops

Inside the Sambalatte coffee shop, warm, comfy, live band

After coffee we went and did some window shopping...this was pretty cool... a whole window display of old vintage singer sewing machine.

Nearby there was a HUGE wine and beer store.

Is it a bee or funky looking Caterpillar ?

After that we were invited to come watch Jabbawacckeez show, to tell you the truth. I didn't even know they had a show like this. Until I was introduce that day. We had front row seats and clear view of the show... very cool to watch. It just makes you want to go up and DANCE!

Pre show..making fun of the audience

We actually got to meet some of the Jabbawaockeez in person for a meet and greet.
Too bad they didn't allow us to take pictures with our own cameras.... !!!!
Making us pay $20 bucks per picture no way!

Rowie posted on her blog about a cute Euro town in Vegas and I commented that I wanted to go there...
See her post here. The day we went was July 4 so very few people were there... but I still enjoy the nice views of the buildings and architectural designs. The pink flowers actually lights up at night...

Some oddly shaped sculpture, well I thought it was pretty cool

Great sight!

Next stop was SHOPPING!!!... I think Vegas H&M outdid themselves... the design of this place was out of this world!!! The vision of what my room should look like, hanging mannequin in mid air.

We were invited to eat dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower at a French restaurant... The place was so fancy and elegant. I was really under dress for the dinner because we were running around exploring in our casual clothing. This is the first time I been to a fancy restaurant like this and it was just an surprise for me.

Here was our Menu...

1. English Peas & Pea Shoots Brioche
2. Slow Poached Maine Lobster
3. Olive oil Poached Halibut with Herb Couscous and Tomato Basil
4. Sauteed Medallion of Veal with Wild Morel Mushrooms
5. Classic Creme Brulee

What I imagined, it came in giant plates and small portions. We had an 6 course meal. I thought these ity bity little food would not fill me but by dish 3 I was already beginning to feel full. My favorite would probably be the Slow Poached Maine Lobster. I know usually girls would say the Creme Brulee, but after 3 bites of that my sugar level went out of the roof because it was so SWEET.

The server brought us this plate of nothing... I was contemplating what this was? Was this finger food? Soup?

Then he poured in the soup... we all laughed and had an light bulb in our heads... said OOOOooo

I'm amazed.

My friends picked out two wines to compliment the food. Without knowing the price of the wine, I pointed out the one I liked most and it happen to be the more expensive one.

I thought it was really cool the way the host server poured out wine for us, so I asked him to redo so I can take a picture of him... haha I know I'm being silly

My dinning experience was amazing, the service was top notch. But I think I would prefer to eat out where I am comfortable with. I didn't think the food was as good as I imagine to be. But it definitely made my taste buds tingle. That is my opinion.

Overall my trip to Vegas was very memorable, I met many new friends and experience something I never did before. I had an super awesome time! Thanks again James and Rowie.

Rowie has a long detail post about this weekend as well check it out 


SARA MARI said...

Oh you really do know the best places to eat! The restaurants and cafes you went to really made me think Vegas is worth visiting hehe. I like the H&M too but recently their prices are going to high for me XD Thanks for all the photos again

Marie said...

Thanks Sara! But these restaurants are James and Rowie's recommendations I simply tagged along. LOL. I agree H&M prices are going up. A bit higher than F21 prices. X_x

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