Fashion Night Out in Beverly Hills

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last night I went to Beverly Hills for Fashion Night Out. It was almost like a huge block party with food trucks, ferris wheel, and more so champagne and cocktails serve at retail stores. I thought the biggest hype was the Guess store, they hired girls to cheer and pretend there were lots of people in that store but who knows, i didn't go in. I did however go to some of the stores that I would never go into on a regular day, because I felt intimidated and overwhelmed. Thus, that night gave me and everyone else an opportunity to walk in casually to look at everything. I really don't like pushy sales people who just stares at you and expect you to buy something once you walk in the door. But last night was fun.


#2 These were made out of tissue and newspaper

#3 Ferris wheel

#4 This is weird, dont know why elmo, a horse, and dark vader will be together.
#5 Jesus is my homeboy!
#6 Bebe and i were people watching on top of Armani
#7 i just love the red suitcase haha
#9 FNO saw Ashanti
#10 with Teelza
#11 funnies
#12 aww with her brother
#13 we were trying to look cool. haha

good times!


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