Downtown LA Artwalk: Fun, Food, Music, Art!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun, Food, Music, Art!

I was recently invited to a CS event down in LA and i didn't know what it was. I thought it was like a meet and greet coffee kind of thing but WOW so much fun. There is food, music, art and free stuff passing out. Lots of things to see down there. Great place to meet new people or just enjoy the fine art. My first meet with the CS member was at The Edison. It is a lounge/bar theme with lots of vintage furniture, light fixtures, and great atmosphere. Their famous for their happy hour from 5-7 pm 35 cents Martini.

After a little meet and greet we head down to the Artwalk. Maybe about 3 or4 blocks full of art gallery to see and two parking lots full of food trucks to drool for. I met Bebe and she showed us around to the most unique art galleries, since there were so many to see it would be impossible to see all so she took us to the popular ones. After that we went to the Downtown Artwalk after party. It was a fun event and would love to go back again. I found out the artwalk happens every month! For sure I will come back next month. I had lots of fun meeting new people and just sharing stories with each other.

#1 Janice and Bebe

#2 First CS meet

#3 scrabble?

#4 quite interesting

#5 is this a bird?

#6 my favorite piece

#7 this doll dances around the record player

#8 so mysterious

#10 i love this! reminds me of anime

#11 oh ronald

#12 city girl

#13 i call this lamp "sexy legs"

#14 Grace and I were both newbies in CS

#15 fun night

#16 great people

#17 there was always one guy popping in our pictures

#18 thank you bebe for great night of fun!


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