X japan concert!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last week we went to the most awesome concert ever! X-Japan concert!!! We discovered X-Japan about 5 years ago and we been wishing they came to LA. They are one of the most legendary rock band in Japan. They even played their music for the emperor of Japan. I am surprised there were so many Japanese people travel from Japan just to go to LA's concert. The concert started at 6pm but we went there at 4pm so we can get closer to the stage since we got general admission tickets. I'm so glad we did that because we met so many interesting people while waiting in line.

#1 Yay X-Japan!

#2 Hide Fans

#3 we waited in line and met her and her mother so sweet

#4 We are X!


#5 old hide style

#6 yoshiki style look

#7 after the concert we went out with some of our friends for karaoke, i thought it was kinda weird going to karaoke after a concert because we just sang our hearts out at X Japan.

#8 the next day we went out shopping with our friends for hot pot ingredients. i think alan thinks of the bizarre things to do, hot pot in the summer season? But then again we did follow his bizarre plans haha. This picture is taken inside the supermarket. We felt like tourist in there because we kept taking pictures.

what's next? LUNA SEA concert in DEC 4! Can't wait!


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