3 Months with P90X

Monday, September 6, 2010

I work out very often maybe 5-6 times a week and eat pretty healthy but I feel like I am not shedding weight enough weight as I wanted to. I use to weigh in alot more about 30lbs more! I lost 30lbs within a 1-2 year spam. Ever since I change the way I eat and exercise more aggressively I began to lose the early stages of my weight. You know whats my secret? I jog. I use to jog in a nearby park almost everyday. I start slow and jog for 1 or 2 miles and then to 5 miles in one running session. Its the best way to shed those pounds. No need for gym memberships. But now that I shed most of the heavy weight out, I need more. My jogging doesnt take any effect anymore. I read in fitness sites that, its the last 5-10lbs that is really hard to lose. I also do some light lifting to tone out the body but I want a good flat tummy and maybe with a hit of abs showing hehe.

I been reading about P90x for a long time, I always hesitate to try stuff like this due to all the market scam and lapband stuff but P90x seems legit and helpful. My friend even wanted me to try and gave me the dvd. So I skim through all the work out videos and said hmm... I can do this! I randomly clicked on one of the videos and started to follow it. Boy was that an bad idea! I did the whole video and said whew fun... but the next couple of days I COULDNT WALK! My legs and thighs were in muscle shock! I was super sore! But even though with all the muscle shock and soreness this P90x is awesome. The perfect workout for me! So I went ahead and did some more research and there is actually a workout sheet that comes with it. The workout sheet is amazing. It keeps track of all the daily workouts reps and also have a diet plan and counting calories! I am pretty lazy about keeping track of workouts but this worksheet is so easy to follow. I'm loving it! I am on day 5 of the workout and my favorite workout so far is the Yoga video. Its not as easy as you think! Some of the poses are really difficult that I can't do, but in time i will be able to. Happy Workout!


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