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Friday, September 3, 2010

Like the title says I love to eat. I am open to any kind of cruise Thai, Italian, Greek, Japanese you name it and i will try. I want to try all the cultural of foods and even raw perhaps if its yummy. Eating makes me happy and it enters me into a new sensation of taste and experience. I dont necessarily go to the most expensive places for food either but I do go to the famous places. Even though I live in LA for such a long time I feel there are endless restaurants that I havent tried. Especially the hole in the wall places where there are only about 10 seatings. I seek for those mom and pops restaurant that genuinely loves to cook and care for what they present to the table. Chefs that take pride in their art of cooking and not just there for being a labor worker. It even goes for beginners learning how to cook, if they take what their making seriously their dish will come out the way they intended to taste.

Anyways I like to show you some places I have eaten and enjoyed and some dont. Hope this wont make you hungry!

Im a super huge fan of Japanese food as you can tell I love all things Japanese. Here are some of the food I ate at near Little Tokyo in Downtown LA.

#1 This is was in a place called Toshi Sushi on 1st street. I immediately came looking for this restaurant after he the Japanese Food Festival that year. His sushi skills is amazing. I got to be the judge for the food festival amongst like 20 other people! But it was still fun to sit up close and watch.

#2 I really love sushi! NOT rolls or California rolls but just plain fish on rice.

#3 Seasalt Mackerel delicious and beautifully balance dish this restaurant was also on 1st street but i forgot the name it was awhile back. but i will come back and visit. Funny story, when Alan and I went to this restaurant the owner really thought we were Japanese. When we told him were not, he laugh and said we really look like it.
#4 i forgot what Alan had, but my mackerel was alot better hehe.

#5 This was from Cafe Primo, in Hollywood. Pretty pricy Primo Panini. But everything looked so delicious i had to try. Well turns out the salad was alot better than the panini from my opinion. Panini was too salty for my taste.
#6 CAGA Sushi Factory in Rosemead near my house. This sushi rotating belt is really popular in Shibuya, Japan but here its bad. While I was sitting there for 5 minutes, all I saw were rolls, rolls, and MORE rolls. I think its just to satisfy big appetite people to get their bang for their buck. I was just sitting there watching the plates hover pass by me and nothing tasty caught my eye. But I was hungry so I decided to pick up one of these "rolls" to try. Fail... I wanted to leave already trying one dish. But I felt pretty bad that I didnt give it a second try. I got some edaname but that tasted bad too. These dishes have been sitting there for hours, no wonder they have covers on them. I wanted real sushi, so I ask the waiter to for some halibut. They didnt have those floating around the belt. The halibut was okay, but it was way better than those rolls. I'll pay more for better sushi. I ate four plates and left. There was no more second chance to this place.

#7 This was my own little bento snack i put together for work. Im always feelings the munchies every 2hours or less so I always need something to snack on.

#8 The other day I was out in Century City and I went to Gelson's Market. There was a good size food court if you call it and it was selling sandwiches, salads, fry stuff and WOLFGANG PUCK! Yes I love Wolfgang Puck's food. Especially their pasta... Im in heaven eating that. Rarely I see a Wolfgang Puck Express in a market. So I took an opportunity and ordered their Roasted Vegetable Pizza. It is HUGE to me and delicious. I couldnt finish it all. Oh yeah and I had a mandarin brocooli salad.. so yummy. yes its asian flavor, but i love mandarins. I also got a wannabe Arizona Raspberry Ice tea, too sugary for me I had to add more water to it.
#9 Wolfgang Puck Pizza GALORE!

#10 to end the night I love to drink wine... and tonight i had Moscato... a really sweet white wine.

Im getting hungry just blogging about it!


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