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Friday, May 6, 2011

The other day I met up with some of the Diamond Gals in Costa Mesa. We laughed, chatted, went shopping, ate, and took purikura. Kinda short on words right now but I'll let the pictures tell the story. I had such a fun time and this is actually my second time meeting them.

[Left to Right] Me, Kelly, Stephanie, Michi [Back] Cassandra and Sara

I am so short compared to all the gals

Our meeting point was at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa. This market is HUGE! They have additional foodcourt, bookstore, and bakery. The best thing there is, they sell old issue of Japanese magazine for $3-$5! Too bad they didn't have the magazine I like so I didn't purchase any.

My outfit for the day

We sat down, talked, and really mingle to get to know each other.

Kelly on the left works at one of the stores in the market, so on her break time she came to chat with us.

More picture taking

Nosy me, I wanted to take a peak at what magazine Michi bought and she whined up opening all the magazine. Gosh I felt so bad...

Though I was curious to see the new issues.

White chocolate Mirror!

After 2 hours chatting I was getting hungry, so I grabbed a little snack. Salmon Onigiri YUMS

After Mitsuwa we all headed to South Coast Mall to walk around to cause a scene there

We walked into the Microsoft store, which apparently look just like the Apple store. They have some new gadgets that I was really interested and also this touchscreen pumpkin game. We look like little kids rediscovering how to play this. So much fun.

This scene was so funny, while we were walking, Michi said "Time out!" because she saw something that caught her eye. I started to crack up because the way she said it sounded like something was really important.

Instead she spotted these adorable animal balloons

Picture snapping Sara


Mr. Pug is cute

Was this character ever in a movie or a cartoon? Looks familiar

So cute Disney

Like a kid again in a giant toy store.


Man I wanted to ride that

I have this daunting idea to take all the balloons and fly like the movie UP

This was actually a special meet because Sara Mari is a special guest all the way from Minnesota. She is a famous blogger for Moments like Diamonds

I feel like a shorty because everytime we take pictures Sara had to lower herself to my height.

After all the hiatus we stop at Boudin. Recommend by Cass. It is suppose to be a famous sandwich joint in San Fransisco.
This is my order, Turkey pesto with a side of Clam Chowder
Frankly, I think my dish was soso. Nothing really stands out. The clam chowder was quite watery and the bread from my sandwich was rock hard. I didn't really finish it because I was already full from my earlier snack or maybe the food just sucks.

Sara's salad, looks so yummy

Cass and Henry's Bread bowl

After our meal we shop some more and met up with other Gals later on. We moved to another location for some desserts and Purikuri

Little did I know we ended up here. Ahhhhh I am in love! 85C has a thousand reviews on Yelp and I always wanted to drive down here to try this place but it was quite far. But now I have a reason! From what Stephanie told me, this place is crazy. The line usually wraps around outside the store. Luckily we went on a weekday so the line wasn't that long. We waited maybe about 15 minutes.

YUM bread

These are my choices, recommend by Stephanie because she's a regular here.
My favorite so far is the Cream Cheese bread.. ! Buttery goodness. I don't think the bread is as awesome as they rave about. Sara and I were talking about how Japan have bakery stores everywhere and every one of them taste like HEAVEN. But 85C is actually the best bread I have tasted in the U.S.

Looks so good

Another shot while we wait for my Sea Salt Coffee

Sea Salt Coffee is suppose to be the SHIT here. I remembered the first time I tried a drink with Sea Salt. It was in Japan at a random bakery that we happen to stop by to rest. My taste buds are blown away because you think sea salt in a drink sounds ridiculous. After that first experience I been craving for it.

This is Kelly's cellphone / camera. It is so cute I had to take a picture of it.

Kelly got off work and met with us later. She looks so cute. I love her style. She has her own blog share with Tiffany called HimeStyle

Love her outfit

Stephanie and I were camwhoring, but we could never get the same expression right together! HAhah so funny!

She is a cute onee gyaru

Purikuri Time!

Post Purikuri

OMG Sara I want to rip your eyes out and put it in mine. She is so pretty.

HAha Funnies

Another cute gal Mandie


This photo is taken from Sara. Her camera has such high quality pictures.

Thank you ladies for making my day so memorable. I had so much fun! I wouldn't trade it for anything. I wish I can individually get to meet and greet each and every one of you guys so I can get to know you more. But we can always hang out again to do that.

Before I been stalking the Diamond Gals online but was always afraid to actually meet them because I was shy, afraid, self esteem, whatever it is. But really I am not the only one who has this issue, alot of girls does too. But now I am so glad I did meet these lovely ladies, I should back track and really tell my old self to just DO IT! If you are one like me, please come join!


Geeky Glamorous said...

Hi Marie! It's Mandie. It was lovely getting to hang out with you briefly. Ug, I had such lazy makeup/hair that day, I had just come from a job interview. You look so cute!

Kilala Michi said...

YAY!!!! i had so much fun too!!! dont worry~ we will see each other more often now!!! HA HA H A >:D Rather you like it or not!!!!!LOL

♦♦♦ DOLLY ♦♦♦ said...

Aww, I'm so sad I couldn't make it that night! Looked like so much fun! >o<

Btw, your hair looked adorable! <3

Marie said...

@Mandie you are glam out girl, though I have seen your blog so you look like a different person each time.

@Michi your so funny! I can't wait to hang out again.

@Dolly I'm sure we will meet very soon!

SARA MARI said...

Hehe, I love coming back and reading this post again and again because it makes me feel like I'm right there in that day again! You got sooo many photos, I didn't even notice you snapping them XD

Oh don't worry I have to lower myself for most pictures when I am wearing high heels, and you were wearing flats too so that wasn't fair haha!

I feel so ashamed because I look totally hideous in a bunch of your pics, I was just having a bad face day XDD Thank you for this great post again!

maria said...

Oh Sara I am so glad you are coming back here again and again, I wouldn't mind hehe. I do the same and look back at the pictures myself.

I guess I am not a true Gal unless I walk a mile with high heels! I just want to save my feet and use it to track instead. hehe

I think you look so cute, model status with the height. If I were you, I would go and try modeling.


Mint said...

OH MY GOD SEA SALT COFFEE. I TRIED TO MAKE IT BUT ITS SO SO SOOOOO HARD!! boudin is pretty good but most of the time only if you are in san francisco. I saw the bakery! Its always packed *u*

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