**ADDED VIDEO** Songkra Thai Festival & Fiesta Broadway ♥ Happy MAMA Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Like I said in this post, I was going to post up the video of our Bizarre food tasting from the Tostitos chips. I finally got the video to work and did some little video editing...

[Background story] This random guy comes up to us to promote an event and I try to offer him to try this Tositios chip. Please note there are some profanity so watch at your own risk! Enjoy!


With the life I have I think I could be blogging for the the rest of my life... Really?! Stories to tell, things to share. Just over a year ago, I use to think that LA don't really have much to offer. But now I feel I been rediscovering LA for the very first time! With events happening every week that you will go out until you drop! Of course with great company any event is fun! I wanted to make this post EPIC because it is in fact really cool! So I spent quite a bit of time writing this so enjoy!

Since I am on the topic of festival, I also went to another the past month called Songkra Thai Festival. I love Thai food and Thailand, just as much as I love Japan. Everything about Thailand screams exotic. My friends invited me to this event because of the sticky rice mango and Thai Boxing. They had 5 different stages set up with different styles of music from Thai to Hip Hop. Along with food, shopping, entertainment, beauty pageants, and endless amount of Singha beer what could be any better? Enjoy!

A mile long of booths food and fun!

Look how tall he is!

I want to be on stilts too!

Trying to get a picture snap with Mr. Tall Guy

Boxer contender

Gruelsome Thai boxing ring, its so surreal! Ever since I watch the movie Ong-bak, I want to take Thai Boxing! The fighting style is so crazy. I recommend anyone watching the movie Ong-bak because the guy actually does all the fighting. No stunt guy to replace his moves. The movie is so good that they made a second, third, and fourth sequel. I have yet to finish them all. But go ahead watch it!!!!

The other side of the boxing ring are people getting drunk watching

The best transportation ever

This lady is so creative she makes crafty designs with flowers and fruits!

Does this make you not want to eat the watermelon because it looks so cool

YUM! I don't know if I should just admire it or EAT IT!

Art Mecca!

This lady is making our Papaya Salad!

These ladies are peeling those mangos in lighting speed!

Papaya Salad! We need more chili to taste good!

Sticky rice with mango! Tasty but not as tasty as mine!

So I'll throw in another one of my big event that happen the other day! Fiesta Broadway This event is the mother load of all festival event. Who would of thought that Cinco De Mayo is that big in Fiesta Broadway? This is my very first time joining this event. At first, I thought this event was like any other festival events, a little bit of entertainment, food, and people. But man this blows away anything I ever went. So many sponsors from big companies like Home Depot, Chase, McDonalds.. the list goes on. They were giving out FREE STUFF! Samples of cereal to unlimited amounts of recycle bags. I am a sucker for free shit. Even if I don't need 20 toothbrushes I still take it and think to myself, maybe I'll use it someday? But usually I just donate whatever I don't use to good cause so it doesn't go to waste. I'll be coming to this event next year.

Funny story.... Our plan was to meet at my friend's house in Hollywood. Ginger and I took the Metro Train to meet our friend. When we arrived at her flat, she wasn't there!?! No response to her phone until a while later and said she is already there at the event. I asked her how do we get there? She said just get off Civic Center and you'll hear it... Hmm... "Is this HUGE?" she said, "It's crazy! Just follow the music and the crowd."

Hair and Make up look for the day, you gotta look Festive!

Metro is fun

No Joke, we did not coordinate our outfits, I think Ginger jacked my style. Oh yeah Melanie, if your reading this, we had lots of comments on our HATS! Hats off to you! Thank you!

Our arrival to the event so EPIC!

The cheers on Ginger's face!

Our friend Taffy is giving the expression of "Damn I'm hungry! Let's go EAT!" Because she arrived there earlier and waited for us so we all can eat together.

YAY! Ready for all the FREEBIES!

I thought the Songkra Thai Festival was BIG! But Fiesta Broadway is HUGE! Blocked out half of DTLA. Don't bother parking near here, your better off Metro-ing your way into this event.

My lunch! Beef and Chicken Tacos! Can't get anymore authentic than in a festival!

So Taffy spotted this Chip Stand. She was curious how it tasted like. We bought two of them because it was a better deal...

Ginger's expression, What is this?

The lady ask us if we wanted EVERYTHING on it. Our response is, whatever that is the most authentic stuff... BOY.... What have we gotten ourselves into..... It tasted.... bad... not for my liking...I dont think I can adjust eating this stuff. The white rings that looks like onions.. ARE NOT ONIONS, they are PORK SKIN! Very chewy and gelatinousness. Along with cucumbers, jicama, crunchy peanuts, Tostitos chips and drenched in their spicy red sauce.

You have to consider we order not just one but TWO of these! I have recorded a video about this but my memory drive is kind of buggy. So I have to figure it out and update you guys later. The video is really funny too! I was offering this snack to random strangers. You can literally hear the background of my video how EPIC this event was. Just keep checking!

Taffy also spotted people with Pineapple drinks and we were on a search to find them. Too bad they weren't Pina Colada with alcohol in it. Our else it would be so good. This was just sugary drink... I don't even remember what it taste like. I just thought it looks really cool with a pineapple in it. We got asked where to get it too!

Looks so good! Nice touch with the straw candy! Haha! I was so full I couldn't eat anymore...

More drinks!

Taffy is HAPPY she got her Pineapple!

Taste too sugary!

There was this animal vendor selling baby animals....

So cute and sad at the same time...caged up.

I ♥ Duckies!

The first time I seen Miniature Rabbits.

So CUTE!! Ahhh I want to buy it! But I already have a zoo at my house...

My first time eating Tornado Potatoes was in Japan, this stuff is so good! I recommend to follow this food truck and try it for yourself! But I don't know about the quality here. It taste like thin cut fries with various spices of your choice.

I was also on FOX NEWS for a brief 10 seconds to shout out to all the MAMA's out there and met Christina Gonzalez. Yes, I actually saw myself on TV that same Sunday night. I'm going to be famous soon! haha For those who saw me on TV KUDOS!

More sponsors!

My first time rock climbing! I didn't know how to strap it on.

Funny thing, the army guy told me it might be difficult for me to climb because I was wearing boots!

My determination expression!

I think at some point I was stuck! Because I couldn't find a rock and I was slipping!

Eventually I got up there and push the BUTTON I feel like Ninja Warrior! HAHA

Weeeee.....After climbing I felt so refreshing! Like I accomplished something off my bucket list! My hands were kinda shaky because I was literally grabbing for my life! The guy below me kept telling me not to look down... I got hundreds of people watching and cheers when I made it through.

You wonder why I censor this is because I didn't want to you guys to see my blubber fat coming out!

Papa Smurf

Ginger the Shrek

After much hiatus we decided to head back, we were all exhausted from our previous nights of partying and that day was just another tip of the iceberg. Ginger and I decided to walk back from the event to Chinatown because it was just a couple blocks down. While walking pass Tokyo town we saw art street. Pretty cool stuff.

This girl was so cute! I snap!

I use to ♥ YOGI BEAR! Boo Boo where's my picnic basket?

Ginger thought this was Stewie... from Family Guy. Freaky

My FREE HAUL! I had energy drinks, fountain drinks, granola bars, all the colors of the rainbow recycle bags and I won a BBQ SET from HOME DEPOT! Funny story, the lady ask me to sign up so I can get the Home Depot backpack, she also mention about giveaways. I kinda ignore the fact I'll ever win, I just wanted the free backpack. A couple minutes later, I turn back and they called my name! I was like "You serious?" Apparently on that day my new alias was Marcy Lee. LOL woohoo! BBQ set for the summer!

I think the best freebie so far is the unlimited amount of Crest Whitening Strips, the guy that was giving out these stuff didn't care. So I asked for more... he gave me a whole stack. Then he said, "Come back later I'll give you a whole box!" Evidently we didn't go back because we were so tired already. But we got 64 strips together that will last us a good year supply or maybe more. I'm going to make my teeth GLOW IN THE DARK. hahah!

After that I came home and went out with my family for MAMA's day dinner! My little brothers!

I guess I was too too happy! Hahaha

I toned it down on the second take!

Tuna salad? This is really good I think I will order this next time!

My mom's favorite Sashimi

Hungry for Hungry Roll?

There was just too much for 4 people... I was so full that I was tired....

Remember what Andrew Zimmerman said "Don't eat until your FULL, eat until you are TIRED."


Geeky Glamorous said...

Holy delicious foods! I'm sad I missed the Thai Festival this year. I went last year and was obsessed with the carved fruit, so beautiful!

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