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Friday, May 27, 2011

I blog by mood. I still have stuff I haven't blog dated back in 2009 that I wanted to write about but not in the mood. So for this post I wanted to write about my conversation I had with my friend. On a long car ride to the event she taught me to love yourself. Insecure and self esteem really hits everyone and believe me it hits me just as much. Sometimes I find myself to be the ugliest, fattest, worst personality, and unwanted person in the world. With just a simple comment by someone will emotionally struck me hard. I was feeling rather emotionally dysfunctional at that moment but she suddenly made me feel like I was the most important person I should care for in the world. To be selfish, to adore yourself, to look at yourself in the mirror and say you are the sexiest girl alive... Yay she said something like that along those lines. HAHA. I have to thank Bea Lamar for making me feel sexy and beautiful again. I love hanging out with her, she has such a fun and soulful personality. People like you make me become who I am. My identity is still a mystery. We need to hangout again friend.

Last month I went to Bea's photography display event.
Some of Bea's artwork are rather sensual and nudity involve so be warned!

Her artwork was displayed at Nikki's bar in Venice where people can appreciate and enjoy her photography while having a good time.

I was feeling rather daring that day and did dramatic eyes and red lipstick. creepy? I think I look like Mulan...

The first picture looks like I'm flipping you off, but really I'm not. I was simply throwing two peace signs! My also another daring outfits... Just throwing shit together.

Teezal and Bea, their so much fun!

When all three of us come together we go ballistic! Can't stop talking.

I like this one.

After much partying at Nikki's bar, Teezal and I wander off and we met this New Yorker guy and somehow we got invited to the hostel in Venice. So crazy!?!?! No, it's because Teezal needed to use the girl's room. HAHA. Shit, I don't remember this guy's name but somehow we got into deep conversation about something. He was so down to earth and COOL looking. I don't think I'll meet him again, but I got picture of him. =)

this was the deep conversation I was talking about. we do throw downs and hand gestures... serious business LOL.

I like to leave my blog open for writing about anything instead of sticking to one topic. It's just more interesting that way.


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