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Monday, May 2, 2011

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Sorting out all my pictures and finally get to post up a food blog. Time to make you guys hungry!!! I went to a Indonesian Food Festival at my friend's church. They have this food festival once every year and this is my second time going. But before I show you the tasty food, let me tell you what happen before I arrived. Went to the gym before I went to the festival. I was working out like crazy and my plan was to go home shower and get ready. Instead I went straight to the food festival with my smelly self. Because I was so hungry while working out that I couldn't control myself and went straight there. Haha

I don't know about you, but Asian food really tingle my taste buds, always an explosion of flavors in my mouth. I can probably cook a decent Chinese meal but Indonesian food are quite a challenge. Sometimes they may not look appealing but taste wise is so delicious. When we always have potlucks, I always look forward to eating my friend's homemade Indonesian dishes. I didn't have my camera on me, instead I use my phone to take all these pictures. Sorry for the bad quality.

Anything with Nasi on it is GOOD!

Some of these tents are actual Indonesian restaurants and supporting the food festival.

There were so many choices to choose from!

The food festival wasn't that big, but I was walking to every single stall deciding what to get.

Making my mouth water!

Meat dish set!

I think these are friend potatoes? Correct me if I am wrong.

Okay there is a story with this dish. The guy that was selling this dish gave me all sorts of samples including this dish. I was still contemplating what to get. So I continue to walk around to different stalls. In the end I got suckered going back to his stall because he gave me samples.


Something new I learn from my friend, there are Sweet Satay and Salty Satay beef sticks. I tried the Salty one, I have yet to try the Sweet one. Still anything grilled that is skewered is so delicious!

beef ball noodle soup

looks so good! I think these are fried fish cake.

this is what i got suckered in getting from that guy that gave me free sample. It was beef with jackfruit on the top left, chicken and hard boiled egg on top right, and this spicy beef skin on the bottom left. Even though this dish doesn't look appealing its still pretty damn good! So much food too!

my friend got this fried fish ball with noodles because we saw this little boy eating infront of us! So we had to get it!

This salad is really good! My friend alway make this whenever we have potlucks. Sadly I don't remember what is this called.

When we were all stuffed, my friend still decides to venture out to this food truck that was there. Another of my friend recommends to try their Curry Beef Taco. Delicious! I felt my stomach was about to explode!

My friend recommends to try this cantaloupe drink called Es Blewan. It had shredded cantaloupe and juices in it! So refreshing and healthy!

After eating we venture in their indoor area where all the shopping occurs. Like my previous post I bought some cute accessories and all money goes to donation for charity. I bought these addicting chips shown on the red arrow. They were so good I ate it all on the same day! Now I am trying to track down to get some more!

Happy Monday!


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