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Monday, May 2, 2011

My little brother is growing up so fast. This year will be his last year in high school and off he goes to college. Prom is coming up for him and he still hasn't ask that girl to be his DATE! He told me about his little plan to ask her and all I could say is AWWWww so cute! I don't want to ruin his surprise so I am not going to tell about it. I remember when I was in high school, I went to so many formals that I was so broke because of buying the tickets, formal dress, taking professional studio pictures, and paying services like hair and make up. But it was all worth it because I had such a memorable night. Everything had to be perfect for me from head to toe.

In collaboration I am helping out my little brother's friends and giving them that special treatment for that special day that won't hurt their wallet. I will be doing hair and make up for all those lovely ladies locally where I live. I been doing this for quite sometime ever since high school. ( I just wish I knew my unknown talent earlier) My friends would call me up and ask for favors to do their hair and make up. I would openly say yes since I love doing what I do! It's actually alot of fun for me to help a girl get all dolled up for the night.

Since Prom is around the corner I have decided on taking some appointments and making beautiful girls CUTER and Speical for their big day! I know how important it is to make that speical day perfect!

Make Up Set $20

Includes your choice of color eyeshadow and False Lashes

Hair Set $15

Different Styles to choose from:

Beautiful Updos

Japanese Curls

Big Sexy Hair

Hair and Make Up Set $30

Please contact: Marie Amy or thru Facebook

Please make appointments in advance!


If you have any question please ASK! I don't bite...


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