"POP PUNK / POP IDOL" at Royal/T

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ahhhh I have so many stories to tell, all my work has been backed up because well my excuse is... I spend too much time having fun. Haha! But I would like to blog about the event I went yesterday because it was very memorable and fun for me. I went to the "POP PUNK / POP IDOL" at Royal/T presented by Tune in Tokyo in Culver City. I have to admit the place was pretty cool, it had a nice vibe and was really spacious. But first I want to review the cafe and food they serve there. I am a total food junkie, besides having a great ambiance, food is important in my list. So I am going to "tell it as it is and be brutal about it." -Mr. Ginger

I have invited my friends to join me to this event and we arrive there right on time, since it was a little too early we decided to grab something to eat. We ordered appetizers, sides and drinks because we weren't too hungry. So I am just judging from what we ordered.

Chicken and Artichoke Penzannii?

This was dry and not flavorful at all. It was not savory at all. I think I was better off eating chicken & artichoke lean pockets than this. If you really can't make this sandwich right, your better off taking it off the menu and perfecting it. Thats how I feel about this appetizer.

My friend ordered the garlic bread from the sides and it taste like the same bread as the Chicken & Artichoke with some sprinkle garlic. I didn't even taste the garlic at all. It taste like stale bread to me. I took two bites of it and stop eating it because it was too dry. Again another fail food at Royal T. We also ordered the sweet potatoes fries and that was probably the other decent food we ate thus far.

We order a few drinks like Jasmine Tea, Oolong Ice Tea, and Royal milk T. I didn't try the Jasmine and Oolong but judging from my friend's expressions, they didn't seem to like it or it wasn't their cup of tea so I will let that go. But I order their signature Royal milk T hoping that this was something they perfected many times before they serve it to their customers. Well... I had to ask the cute waitress to redo the drink because by the time it got to my table it was watery and tasteless. I don't taste the tea at all or the soymilk flavore. Again if this was your signature drink you should at least make it tasty. Though I do like to compliment that it wasn't too sweet which is how I like it. But other than that the drink was two thumbs down. I guess I have high expectations when drinking milk teas because I been around Asia drinking it. Though I am not comparing their drinks from Asia. Just buying a drink from other places around L.A can easily beat that.

I must admit, the service is awesome! The cute maid waitress always came by and ask how we are doing and refill our waters. You guys did great on that, just the food was not up to standard. Again I am just judging by what I ordered. So I never tried any other items on the menu. So you be the judge! The ambiance is two thumbs up, I love the whole Harajuku feeling. The turnout cannot be any better. The venue is very spacious with lots of artistic feeling. Many of the items that are on display are usually for sale so that's a very nice alternative. Del Martin ask me how was this place so here's my review!

On the side note, I finally get to meet the famous Diamond Gals in LA! After several attempts of facebooking we finally meet. I am not a virgin Gyaru anymore! YAY! They ask me how come I never see you around. Well my answer is, I'm a late bloomer. I guess I never came out of my closet until now. It is so nice to see these girls that have the same interest as me like Ms. Valentine said "It feels like family" Thanks Michi for introducing me to all the Gals out there.

We took alot of pictures together!

Thanks for coming out friends! On the side note James is a DJ. Contact me if you would like to have a DJ at your events!

You are probably wondering why we have signs up. This is to help support Japan relief.

I love this picture! Missy you need to facebook me, so we can have sewing sessions together!

Diamond Gals


I feel like a giant standing next to Chiaki. She is so cute! I been secretly watching her from afar LOL. No not stalking!

Haha this was an outward picture. I somehow put two strangers together to take a picture! I really thought they knew each other! But now they do! Amanada is a great costume designer! I envy! She has the NANA look!

Lolita! Ahh my dumb camera does not have flash, so all my pictures are all dark.

Food and Fun

Henlooks cool, who can say no to a shirt less guy with a six pack?

Dark Lolita

Great Night!


Ooo La La

I usually Photoshop my pictures, now I just say screw it. Accept me for who I am!


I Harajuku

Evening could not be any better!

There are many more pictures I didn't post up. Please visit HERE


Kilala Michi said...

OMG!!! it was really fun! It was soo wonderful meeting you! cant wait to hang out with u soon! Now that i have your number you cant hide from me!!!! ;D lol he he thanks for the wonderful pic honey!

Anonymous said...

This is Ted, who was taking some pictures @ Tune in Tokyo.
I browsed your blog a bit - looks like you lead a pretty cool life.

"we can have sewing sessions together"
You sew? I do too. Though mainly cosplay. I made the vest I was wearing that night though - one of my rare normal clothing creations.

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