Friday, April 22, 2011

I had a crazy night last night but I will have to blog about it later.

Today I woke up feeling very sick. I had many things plan with my gym friend Yenny. I was complaining to her that she never had time to hang out with me and so we set today to do many activities. We had plan to play tennis early in the morning, then head to the gym to our favorite aerobics class, after that we end by having lunch.


She knew I don't wake up that early, but insist on giving me an early wake up call to start the morning. So this morning at 7:23am she called me, I didn't answer. Called again at 7:30am finally picked up. I was already feeling like crap and was about to tell her I can't make it. But then she said that this morning was sprinkling so we won't be able to play tennis. (In my mind, I was like YES!) Then she said let's meet at the gym and take the class together. Well when 10 am rolls around I was still feeling sick so I text her and told her I won't be able to make it and we'll meet for lunch.

She called me back after her workout and said "I was waiting for you in class but you never showed up" Well I had to explain to her what happen and said sorry to her. She was okay with it. She agrees to meet for lunch but before she does, she wanted to stop by her hairdresser for a trim. So I said sure we'll meet after.




I was getting hungry and feeling sick. I didn't really feel like going out to eat so I thought we could just eat at my house. Awesome idea! Yenny felt so guilty for making me wait for her because of her haircut. I said no problem, I'll get take out and come home and by that time you should be done. Eventually after I got home and settle down she came after with a fabulous haircut. Woohoo! Eating and catching up with friends is just so much fun! Too bad our awesome plan fail, but in the end we still got to see each other and had many laughs. I think that's all it matters. I think if this wouldn't have happen, then I wouldn't have an interesting story to tell. Right?

I went to Banh Mi Che Cali and bought Pho Dac Biet (Beef Noodle Soup) and Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup) I been to several of their chain stores in Rosemead but not this one. Since this one is close by my house I wanted to give it a try. This place is fast and inexpensive. The order was soso, I don't think I will order those two items next time. Nothing memorable to blog about. Yenny was so sweet, she bought over dessert even though she didn't have to. We end up having so much food leftover.

I want to show you at my worst. I walked out of the house looking like this. With my ghetto print pants, my purple pimp hat and shades over. Everything lose and flowy. Not everyone is born pretty, I just do a good job covering the ugliness HAhah.

For the rest of the day I will be home and also formating my laptop since it's been ages that I did any refresh to my laptop. I feel I abused it so much that it needs a fresh start. I am not much of a geek junkie so it takes forever for me to download and install all my programs and also back up all my files up. My other problem is also getting wifi up on my laptop. Since my laptop is ages old I have to do things the old school way. So who knows when I will get back up online again. So this will be my last post until my laptop is back up.

LOL Just now my little brother came in with something super cool. Shades without frames, it almost feels like those picture films and just attach it onto your face and BAM you got yourself an instant pair of shades. Yup I am so random. I thought it was funny!

Time for REBOOT!


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