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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I spent the whole morning writing a little about myself and sharing something that I enjoy. I probably spent like the first hour writing it and like 2 hours editing and fixing stuff. Because I have horrible grammar mistakes and I reread my postings like 10 billion times and shit I still make stupid mistakes. I remember I told my friend that I really wanted to improve my English and I told him that he should correct me when I say something incorrect. Well.... That didn't work out so well. It drove me and him crazy having him correct every single mistake I made. Though it works! I have to thank him for that! Yes! You know who you are! I cherish every brutal remark you given me.

If you see on top of this it says HOME then ABOUT ME, yes click on that and I will tell you the secrets of life! Haha. If you are that lazy here is the LINK to it.

I kind of edited this a while back and thought it was pretty cool. Shows how much I change in just a few months! Who knows I just might become a guy the next few months! HAHA!


Kilala Michi said...

wow!!!! all the pic looks so different!

Marie said...

I seen your blog and you made dramatic changes in matter of months! Hehe change for the prettier!

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