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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am a total believer in giving my clothes a second life. So I would always try to sell my clothes, giveaway or donate. But I especially LOVE to go thrift shopping, I can spend hours in one store. It is almost like treasure hunting digging for GOLD! Some people might say, YUCK you wear used clothes? Really I don't really see the difference, since you go to the mall and people try the clothes on and off or the other people where they buy the clothes wear it, then try to return it. Yes I work in retail before and I know all you girls done it at least once before. That expensive looking dress you cannot afford but still want to wear it for that hot night out in town. Who knows if you will be wearing that return item? Well there is another alternative, buying second hand clothing. It is so much cheaper and you really can get in touch with your since of style and creativity. I really enjoy the thrill of it.

Who said you have to spend alot of money in Gyaru fashion? You can always stay in fashion and trendy wearing second hand. While I was in Japan, there seem to be quite alot of boutique stores that sell second hand clothes and items. I remember seeing many stores in Harajuku too. Trust me their second hand stores are like Forever 21 here. All the clothes are freaking brand new or barely even worn!

I am really excited and happy of this thrift haul since I hit the jackpot! I found this super vintage motorcycle jacket made with real leather! That cost, I can't believe it $10.99!! Yes I get excited over saving deals. Once I saw this I immediately called Ginger and told him all about it. Since I knew it was a guys jacket I knew it would fit him. Check it out!

Will post more for Ginger's fitting =P

boho style !

From my fail attempt last time to Westminister at Di Vang 2 from my previous post. I had the opportunity to visit Westminister again for an errand and drop by at the famous Gala Bakery for their Special Banh Mi Dac Biet and their delicious Vietnamese coffee! Being a food junkie I eat all sorts of Asian food. Banh Mi is probably the fastest and the cheapest food you can get living in the San Gabriel area. I have tried many other Vietnamese chains like Lee Sandwich and Mr. Baguette and Gala Bakery is by far the best tasting BANH MI I have ever eaten! The bread was soft and buttery, the ingredients were the right portions. I just wish I had someone to enjoy it with as I was eating this heavenly bread alone in my car. Since store did not have any seatings available. Also the coffee, its is BOMB! Goes down smooth and tasty. Not too sweet and not too bitter. Funny thing about coffee is it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth if the coffee is not prepared right. I am an occasional coffee drinker and I think this Vietnamese coffee is worth trying if your around Westminister! Better yet just drive there for it!


the sad one eating in my car and taking pictures...


I had also purchase this blue vintage blouse and shorts from the thrift store and match it up with my brown accessories. Costing me only $10 bucks for 2 pieces. Took me awhile to find these gems but I love it. Can you believe this blouse is a size 8!!! People are really skinny back then, I can't imagine how a size 2 would fit.

While I was shopping at the Thrift Shop a lady came up to me and ask me if I was local. I reply and said I was just passing by. Somehow our conversation ended with a meet up at a huge thrift haul event by invite! I love meeting random people, you never know who you meet!

Match it up with my blue contacts! Scary? Cool? You know what I love it! haha


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