Camwhoring! Motivation

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Okay I got the blog rolling... I am pumping these posts like its nothing.

I couldn't think of something witty to name the title so I will title it as it is. CAMWHORING! I guess I just started to myself alot more and really appreciate the natural beauty I have. Naw not really with all the fake stuff I have on hahah! I admit it! But seriously before I use to be really insecure of how I look and feel. Everything I wear looks like I was 10lbs heavier! Ladies you really have to be comfortable with your body and accept the natural beauty you have. OR you can run a marathon and do crazy exercise like me then you'll feel more accomplished fulfilled in life. No really I am not telling you to do that! But if you really feel insecure, make changes in your life that makes you feel good. Stop being jealous of others just because you think they are prettier than you. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL! Okay maybe I'm just a raging bit*h that just want to rant. But I really hate people who complains about themselves and not do anything about it. I understand that change is very hard to accept but once you make the first step. The rest is just a blissful walk at the park. The subject applies to everything you do in life, learn guitar? take that GMAT! learn a new language? take tango lessons? I fancy that! Whatever you do, you MUST finish it. Or else it's just a waste of effort and time with all these hype and imagining how HOT you look after 3 months of workout shattered. Get Motivated!

I been taking pictures of myself everytime I dress up and go out. Enjoy! Please comment if you want me to stop posting my ugliness around. Hahah!

I was trying to pose like Michi, I don't think it was successful though...



Those maybe pictures if I should post...

This camera is freaking awesome!

Testing on the different functions!

My other lazy days...

my phat picture!

Those days I actually look normal?

My natural self..


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