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Thursday, April 7, 2011

So some of my private readers that have been hinting me that my blog layout was kinda annoying to navigate. So I been massively editing a new layout that is much easier to search through and find some of my older post. Since I am still experimenting with this new layout, changes will be made from time to time until I am satisfied. But man editing html is HARD and time consuming... sometimes it really agitates me. But I must say, I am learning sometime new everyday. I might as well add this to my resume.. [skills: blog editing with html?] haha!

I will end it with a cute picture of my poochi's. Rebecca came over to my house to stay over night and Ellie (my brother's dog) and her had a blast playing with each other. They were running around in circles, bashing into walls. Kinda like two little teenagers again. Quite fun to watch. Rebecca got so tired of Ellie enthusiasm that she hid under my bed. Ellie Ditto.

peek a boo I see you!

I'm tired leave me alone...

Please play with me!



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