World Pillow Fight Day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I been doing things really out of my comfort zone, because I really feel I needed some change in my life. Before I use to decline all outrageous activities because I simply fear for embarrassment and laughter. Like what would people think of me? A crazy? Sometimes I feel I am constantly being judge 24hrs a day. Now, I simply don't give a crap of what others think and say. You do what you feel and be proud of it. Who knows, you might just do something amazing letting go and being free. Being social and open minded really helps, even just vaguely starting off talking to strangers might give you an invite to a private party! What is normal nowadays?

Ever since this change I been meeting so many amazing people and inviting to many unforgettable events. I just ponder to myself WHY DIDNT I DO THIS BEFORE!? So when my friend ask me to come to the World Pillow Fight Day on April 2, 2011 i said HECK YEAH! To top it off she suggested that we dress up in costumes...

She couldn't pick a better costume.






Yes! A group of six of us dress up as ALIENS!

Though some people were shouting out PUTTYS from the power rangers, but I think we look way more awesome than them! Well you be the judge!



We were definitely the center of attention, everyone I mean EVERYONE wanted a piece of us to throw their rock hard pillow at us.

Haha We even got stop by the cops for robbing the BANK!

Southland Bank you got ROBBED!

Napping at the Metro station

That's me! Representing with the wrestlers.

Mr. Dino wanted a piece of me!

Needed some beer to energize for the pillow fight! My very first of everything!

I killed my fellow friends! The surprises at people's faces are priceless. Walking down Hollywood was actually normal, up until we got to downtown LA.


We got stopped, honked, beaten, video, picture snap; pretty much like a celebrity except we are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Haha GET IT? okay I know I am pretty lame.

Being HONKED for being a hot chick is so overrated. Being HONKED and waved at for being Alien is so much better! We got Cheers everywhere.



Thanks Taffy for the great organized event. It couldn't be any better!

We would'nt be surprise that we were on Youtube! Spamming everywhere around the internet. Look at 4:10

I was filming from my iphone while the other guy was filming me. Hilarious!

This event is once a year and if you like to join me and my gang next year or simply just want to check out more information check out


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